2014 Buick LaCrosse: Up Close

Much like its smaller sibling, the Regal, Buick's full-size LaCrosse sedan gets updates for the 2014 model year that address the car's worst offenses. Specifically, the center controls for the audio and climate systems have an all-new layout. It's easier to understand and lacks the similarly shaped tile buttons that made the old LaCrosse's dashboard controls more difficult to use than they needed to be.

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Like the Regal, however, the LaCrosse's new steering wheel is practically overflowing with buttons. The setup on the front of the steering wheel is relatively tidy, but there's still a lot for the driver to consider.

Exterior styling changes are concentrated on the front and rear of the sedan. The headlights and grille are a little bolder, and the taillights are more closely tied to the trunk-lid styling, but it's not like the current LaCrosse had a serious design problem that needed fixing.

Overall, the update isn't a dramatic change for the LaCrosse, but it takes care of the big things and keeps the car competitive.

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