AAA: Gas Prices Fall for First Time in Months

Spring has not yet brought respite from persistent winter weather across much of the country, but as the snowflakes fall, so have gas prices. According to AAA, today's national average price for a gallon of regular gas is just less than $3.67; that's nearly 2 cents less than a week ago, when the average price was more than $3.68 a gallon.

The drop follows months of steadily rising gas prices, a trend that culminated last month with a near-record 33-day stretch yielding a 14% spike. The downward trend began March 18 — the first time since Jan. 11 that the average price at the pump registered a month-over-month decline — when the national average had fallen five consecutive days and 17 of 19 days since the peak 2013 price of $3.79 on Feb. 27. Drivers in 28 states were paying less than they had a month earlier, with the greatest decreases enjoyed in Minnesota (13 cents), Michigan (12 cents), Ohio (10 cents) and Delaware (9 cents).

"While the recent price movement has varied by state, the year-over-year savings have been nearly universal," AAA said in a statement. "Motorists in every state, with the exception of North Dakota, pay less than the same day last year, led by nine states where prices have dropped by at least 20 cents and one state (Illinois) where the price is more than 30 cents lower."

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