Will You Buy A Car With Your Tax Refund?

Once again, it's April 15 — you're either feeling the emptiness of your pockets or planning a shopping spree. About a third of consumers who expect to get tax refunds will spend part of the money on vehicle-related purchases, according to a study by internet auction company eBay.

In February, the company polled more than 2,200 adults across the United States about their tax refund spending plans, and 34% of vehicle owners expecting to get cash back said some of it will go toward buying a car, maintaining a current vehicle or both.

EBay reports that the categories in which people intend to put their tax refund dollars toward are:

  • Maintenance: 49%
  • Repairs: 32%
  • Buying a new or used vehicle: 21%
  • Tires: 19%
  • Cleaning or detailing: 14%

How about you? Will you spend your refund on car maintenance or splurge on a new ride? 

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