Porsche Reveals An Itsy Bit of News on 918 Spyder Plus Photos

Porsche introduced the world to its Spyder Concept way back in March 2010 — a time when electric vehicles were thought to be the near future for everyone. The idea of Porsche putting a plug-in hybrid powertrain into its halo race car might have dimmed with the tepid reaction to typical EVs.

That doesn't seem to be the case.

Porsche has let out some more details about the prototype for the 918 Spyder, which is running rings at Germany's famed Nurburgring track. Porsche says it has completed a time of 7 minutes and 14 seconds, an identical time to a specially equipped Lexus LFA.

It hits speeds of more than 200 mph thanks to a 608-horsepower, 4.6-liter V-8 engine teamed to three electric motors, including one powering each set of wheels. Combined power is said to be ... 887 hp.

But the startling part may be just how committed to hybrids Porsche seems.

The Spyder is considered the "gene pool" for Porsche's future sports cars. Yes, this means the hallowed 911.

While your mind wraps around that future, here are more specs and photos straight from Porsche.

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Technical Specifications – Porsche 918 Spyder

Engine power:

  • 608 hp at 8,600/min (V8 engine)
  • 154 hp (hybrid module on rear axle)
  • 127 hp (electric motor on front axle)
  • 887 hp (combined)

Max. torque:

  • 390 lb.-ft. at 6,600/min (V8 engine)
  • 940 lb.-ft. (equivalent torque calculated on the crankshaft, complete system in 7th gear)
  • 787 lb.-ft. (complete system, 3rd gear)
  • > 590 lb.-ft. (800/min – 5,000/min)

Maximum Revs: 9,150 rpm


  • Curb weight 3,715 lbs.
  • 3,616 lbs. (Weissach package)


  • Length 182.8 in.
  • Width 76.4 in.
  • Height 45.9 in.
  • Wheelbase 107.5 in.
  • Track width front 65.5 in.
  • rear 63.5 in.
  • Luggage compartment capacity, VDA ~ 110 l
  • Fuel tank capacity 18.5 gal


  • Top speed > 211 mph
  • purely electric 93 mph


  • 0-62 mph 2.8 s
  • 0-60 mph less than 2.8 s
  • 0-62 mph (in electric mode) 7.0 s
  • 0-124 mph (0-200 km/h) 7.9 s
  • 0-186 mph (0-300 km/h) 23.0 s

Range: Purely electric approx. 18 mi.

Warranty: Vehicle (Battery) 4 years (7 years)

Charging times:

  • AC charging on a household socket (110 V, 10 A): less than 7 hours
  • AC charging on an industrial socket (240 V, 30 A): less than 2 hours
  • DC charging on an industrial socket (400 V, 32 A): less than 0.5 hours

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