Get Car Seats Inspected on Saturday

National Car Seat Check Saturday is a fitting way to wrap up Child Passenger Safety Week. On Saturday, parents, caretakers and grandparents can have their car seats inspected by certified car-seat technicians.

Before you head out to an inspection station, make sure to bring your child, the car seat and the car seat's manual as well as your car's owner's manual. The inspection station could be busy and wait times could be long, so be sure to bring activities for your child and snacks.

During the inspection, a car-seat technician will read both manuals with you and then show you how to properly install the car seat. Remember, the technician's job is to educate parents and caretakers — not install the car seat for you.

If you can't make it to Saturday's event, car-seat inspections are held year-round at inspection stations, or parents can call their local police or fire departments to find out if there's a car-seat technician on staff.

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