Stryker Green 2014 SRT Viper Is the Least Stealth Car Ever

If you're an SRT Viper shopper or owner you likely don't mind being noticed. That's probably why the Chrysler Group developed a new Stryker Green paint color for the unapologetic sports car to debut on the 2014 model.

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The company describes the color as "enhanced green and yellow pigments and a 'liquid mercury' appearance."

That means it's bright.

Stryker Green will be available starting in February, and while we don't have a price for it, we're guessing it will be in line with the Stryker Red Tinted Pearl we tested at an additional cost of $14,600.

The color will only be available on the uplevel Viper GTS and standard Viper equipped with a new GT package that packs features like Nappa leather seats and a two-mode suspension.

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