'Batman Vs. Superman' Director Unveils New Batmobile

If we may appropriate the popular way to describe a mullet haircut in describing the new Batmobile: It's Burton in front, Nolan in the back. Zack Snyder, director of last summer's Superman reboot "Man of Steel" and next summer's follow-up, which has been going by the title of "Batman vs. Superman," tweeted a couple of teaser photos of the latest design of the Dark Knight detective's iconic ride.

Batman Can Crash Lamborghinis Too

On Monday, Snyder unveiled a rear view of a partially shrouded Batmobile, revealing open, oversized wheels immediately calling to mind those of the military-assault-style Tumbler from director Christopher Nolan's well-regarded "Dark Knight" trilogy that culminated with 2012's "The Dark Knight Rises." Tuesday, Snyder showed us a partial frontal shot bearing an enclosed cockpit, wraparound windshield and an elongated, dragsterlike body swooping up and back into a sort of large rear tail fin — or batwing? — reminiscent of director Tim Burton's more Gothically cartoonish version of the Caped Crusader coupe from the late-1980s and early-'90s. (Let's just leave director Joel Schumacher's version out of this, shall we?)

For the film, this could suggest a melding of the two aesthetics: Burton's dark-comic whimsy and Nolan's gritty, what-if-this-actually-happened gravitas. So depending on how you feel about Ben Affleck, titular star of the ill-fated "Daredevil" (and more recently Oscar-winning director) in the cape and cowl, the Batman that rolls into theaters in this new model next summer to face off against Superman could be the best of both worlds.

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