Poll: What's the Worst Driving Behavior?

About a month ago, Cars.com's editorial team riled up readers by sharing some of the behaviors exhibited by other drivers that make us want to blow a gasket. It was a therapeutic opportunity to blow off some of the steam that can build up when we're behind the wheel, and hopefully help us keep a little cooler on the road. We also invited you, the Cars.com audience, to vent your own frustrations in the comments section — and vent you did.

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Among those of you who heeded our call for quibbles, far and away the most venom was spat in the general direction of those who, whether playing speed-limit cop or just plain oblivious, insist on driving too slowly in the passing lane. Other popular grouses among readers were directed at drivers who can't seem to maintain a consistent speed on interstates, who speed up when someone tries to pass and who are too distracted to notice that the traffic light has turned green.

Contradictory complaints also abounded. Some of you fumed over those who don't seem to know how to properly make a right on red, while others took exception to being impatiently honked at for choosing not to make a right on red. Some of you were annoyed by motorists who leave too much room between cars in stop-and-go traffic, while others insisted that drivers don't leave enough. And no matter what scientific studies and observations say, no one, no way, no how is gonna convince some of you that waiting until the merge point instead of getting over early is the right move in reduced-lane traffic.

So what we've done is cull all of your scornful responses and picked out the 10 most commonly expressed grievances to determine once and for all what the worst driving habit is. So take the poll below, and maybe, knowing we're in such good company of like-minded motorists, we'll all be a little calmer next time we see it happen out on the highway.

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Cars.com illustration by Paul Dolan

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