Rolls-Royce Announces Development of New Model

Rolls-Royce — makers of super-expensive, super-exclusive, super-luxury automobiles — has announced it is developing an all-new model for introduction in mid-2016, but it has declined to specify what it will be.

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It did reveal a few details, saying that the new model would be a "drophead tourer," which is Rolls-Royce speak for a convertible. What is not clear is what this model will be based on, the large Phantom platform or the smaller Ghost/Wraith platform.

Sources close to with knowledge of the vehicle have suggested that the car will be a convertible version of the Wraith coupe, but that it is likely to feature a different name. This would make sense for Rolls-Royce — the company already has a convertible built on the larger Phantom platform, but it's extremely expensive. A smaller, less expensive Wraith convertible would be better able to go up against the Bentley Continental GTC and its various versions.

Rolls-Royce says prototype testing and development has commenced, and the car is about two years away from appearing in showrooms. photo by Evan Sears 

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