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2015 Alfa Romeo 4C Spider Up Close (22 Photos)

Sometimes sports cars don't look all that great when they're transformed into convertibles, but the new 4C Spider doesn't suffer that fate. It's just as striking and stylish as the 4C coupe, with the biggest changes to the car’s rear.

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A new rear deck covers the engine, and it's bordered by buttresses leading to the roll bar. Like the coupe, the A-pillar is made of carbon fiber, but it's not painted on the Spider, which gives the frame a unique look.

The cabin isn't a space of many frills; you get the impression Alfa Romeo spent most of its resources for the Spider and the regular 4C on the lightweight chassis, drivetrain and exterior styling. I'm happy to see that a new Alpine head unit is available; its interface can't be any worse than what the 4C has now.

The 4C driving experience is quite a bit different than that of competitors from Porsche and Audi. It's a lot more visceral and involving — both in the way it feels and sounds. The experience should be much the same in the 4C Spider, but with a little more wind through your hair.

Cars.com photos by Evan Sears