Super Bowl Auto Ads Drive Shoppers

superbowl-17-alfa-oem.jpg Alfa Romeo ad | Manufacturer image

CARS.COM — If you wonder why automakers spend so much money to advertise in the Super Bowl, we have the answer: Because viewers flock to sites such as to look up information about those cars.

We analyzed site traffic to determine how those ads translated to online activity on Car companies that aired ads during the game averaged a 7 percent lift to their brand pages on, and a 238 percent lift to pages on for models that were specifically called out.

In the eight minutes following its commercial, visits to Alfa Romeo pages on saw a staggering 1,179 percent increase, a sign that its ad drove viewers to investigate.

When compared to site traffic over the four previous Sundays, automakers who advertised during Super Bowl 51 saw the following lifts to their advertised model pages, in order of boost:

Relatedly, automakers took the top spots in the USA Today Ad Meter this year, which tracks the popularity of Super Bowl ads. Here are the five best-performing automotive ads from the game:

No. 1: Kia Niro, “Hero’s Journey”

No. 2: Honda CR-V, “Yearbooks”

No. 3: Audi #DriveProgress, “Daughter”

No. 7: Buick Cascada and Encore, “Pee Wee”

No. 9: Ford, “Go Further”


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