NEWS Still Has Info for Last-Second Tax Filers

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If you’re cutting it close this tax season, wants to help you find out if you qualify for a tax credit and get those returns filed on time.

We have a Tax Credits and Cars page in our Advice section that will not only answer the most frequently asked questions about cars and taxes, but it also has a list of qualifying vehicles.

It’s important not to forget about new-car deductions. If you bought a new vehicle between Feb. 16, 2009, and Jan. 1, 2010, you’re eligible to deduct state, local and excise taxes on up to $49,500 of that purchase as part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.

If you’re thinking ahead to next year, keep in mind that Hyundai has an upcoming line of hybrids that will be eligible for the full federal tax credit when they go on sale later this year.

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