DieselSellerz: Bucket-List Destination for Diesel Fans


Every pickup truck enthusiast should have a bucket list of places to visit before they die. Maybe it's to the plant that made the truck in your driveway. Maybe it's to Iowa 80, the largest truck stop in the world off Interstate 80 in Iowa. Maybe it's to Moab, Utah, to see full-size pickups navigate crazy 4×4 trails. Or maybe your deepest desire is to see where some of the most amazing diesel trucks are built and where "Diesel Brothers" is filmed.

DieselSellerz is just north of Salt Lake City in Woods Cross, Utah, where you'll find some of the biggest and most impressive full-size diesel-powered vehicles you'll ever see, as well as a treasure trove of Diesel Power knickknacks, sweat shirts and truck gear. Some of the vehicles on display are pickups, some are monster SUVs and some are special creations from the twisted minds of Heavy D and Diesel Dave of "Diesel Brothers" fame.

Take time to look inside and out, because you'll find some of the past creations that the team at DieselSellerz has given away, along with unique creations that are for sale. And if you wander around the parking lot, you'll likely find some pretty cool trucks owned by DieselSellerz team members.

Here are just a few of the vehicles we saw the day we visited. For more information about the shop, the rigs onsite, the giveaway trucks or how to get there, visit or call 855-344-9933. photos by Mark Williams



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