Ford Celebrates Summer With New Incentives

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1863057684 1425510700523 jpeg

Nothing kick-starts a month of sales like fresh incentives. Ford is reacting to a generally slow May by offering a new national incentive program, “Drive On Us.” It includes 0% financing and $1,000 in pre-paid gas cards on most 2006 models.

Starting today and running through July 31, Ford will offer 0% financing for 36 months on the Crown Victoria, E-150, Escape, Escape Hybrid, Focus, Fusion, Mustang V6 and Super Duty pick-ups. Interest-free 60-month loans will be available on the Ford Five Hundred, Freestyle, Explorer and F-150 pickup.

And, surprise, surprise, Ford is offering the best deal, 0% for 72 months, on the large, low-mileage Expedition SUV.

The $1,000 gas card will be given for all those models, but buyers can also choose to get the $1,000 either in cash or applied toward the purchase price. Ford is also offering cash rebates for many models on top of the $1,000 that customers can opt for in place of the 0% financing, including:

  • $1,000 on the Focus, Escape, Crown Victoria and E-150
  • $1,500 on the Explorer
  • $2,000 on the Super Duty
  • $2,500 on the F-150
  • $4,000 on the Expedition

[Ford Offers Free Gas in New Incentive Program, Detroit Free Press]

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