Gas-Saving Moment of the Day: If it Sounds too Good to Be True


Look, we all want cheap gas, but there are no shortcuts.

We’ve already told you to beware of products that promise to increase your mileage and gas credit cards that promise big savings, but there are a couple of other snake-oil sales you should be aware of.

First of all, you know those internet pop-ups that offer you absurd deals, like “Fill out this questionnaire and get $50 of gas”? Well, even if you’re well aware that those are all hogwash, be on the lookout for the non-cyber equivalent. In particular, a company called has radio spots that offer to lock in the price of gas at $2.49. The company has come under the scrutiny of the Better Business Bureau (not to mention the fact that its parent company FreeZone has eight different, progressively shadier names under which it does business).

Secondly, online auctions for gas coupons or rebates are a fantastically bad idea. They’re rife with counterfeits and coupons that have a lot of fine print attached. Just ask yourself, “Why would this person want to sell a $50 gas coupon for 10 bucks?”

Our advice is not particularly brilliant, but it’s tried and true: If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.

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