Honda Sued Over Fuel-Economy Claims

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Former corporate attorney Heather Peters is circumventing an ongoing class-action suit against Honda that alleges similar claims. The pending lawsuit involves owners of 2002-09 Civic Hybrids and could net each one $100 to $200. Peters’ individual lawsuit, however, could pay her as much as $10,000.

In the lawsuit, Peters alleges her Civic Hybrid never delivered the fuel-economy figures publicized by Honda. She says it initially got 20% less than the 49/51 mpg city/highway rating advertised on the Civic Hybrid’s window sticker. She also alleges that a deteriorating battery and software update only worsened the car’s performance.

Peters bought the car for $25,400 and is seeking compensation for the premium she paid over the gas version, the extra gas her Civic Hybrid has been using since she bought it and its depreciated resale value. In the lawsuit, she contends that Honda owes her a total of $122,112.

The judge has not yet ruled on the lawsuit.

Honda Goes to Small-Claims Trial Over Gas Mileage Claims (USA Today)

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