Hummer Announces 2008 H2 Prices


The 2008 Hummer H2 may look the same on the outside, but it receives a radically updated interior that brings it up to speed with the rest of GM’s large SUV platform. It also gets a new 393-hp V-8 engine and six-speed automatic transmission that GM says is more efficient than the 2007, although we haven’t seen mileage numbers quite yet.

Prices have gone up roughly $1,400 for both SUV and SUT models. The H2 SUV will start at $55,510 and the SUT will start at $55,555. The H2 goes on sale late this summer. Neither price includes $900 in destination charges. A Luxury Series will be available for $6,410 for the SUV and $4,000 for the SUT. An Adventure Package for off-roading will be available at $1,555 for both models. We’re waiting on word on what exactly the Luxury and Adventure packages will include.

Hummer Hummer News (KickingTires)

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