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Hyundai Hands Equus Owners iPad Instead of Car Manual

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Many manufacturers have trimmed down their owner’s manuals recently to save money on the cost of paper. Hyundai is going the digital route, too, but we’re not sure it will save them money.

The company says it will provide buyers of its new Equus flagship sedan a tablet device with a Hyundai app that will serve as both an owner’s manual and service scheduler. The company says it’s working on “additional customer service, convenience and entertainment applications.”

While company executives were coy with editor Kelsey Mays and wouldn’t confirm if the device would be an Apple iPad, the Detroit Free Press tracked down Hyundai chief John Krafcik, who said it would be the hot gadget.

There’s no mention of what type or size iPad they’re including — Wi-Fi, 3G, 16 GB, 64 GB, etc. — or if they’d add the iPad’s cost to the MSRP or include it for free. We did learn that Hyundai will make a formal announcement about the device next week, presumably after they get hold of an actual device.

Hyundai has announced an elevated dealership experience for the Equus when it finally goes on sale this summer. The iPad inclusion looks to be one more way to draw interest.

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