Man Paints His Car Like Police Cruiser, Doesn't Get in Trouble

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You’d think it would be illegal to paint your car like a police cruiser, right? I mean, authorities in Arkansas made it illegal to honk your horn in front of an establishment that serves sandwiches or ice-cold beverages after 9 p.m., and you’re telling me no one in Nevada thought to say, “Gee, let’s not let people make their own police cars?”

Apparently not, because Las Vegas resident Jessie Vigil spent last summer transforming his 2007 Ford Mustang into a cop-mobile. He took the black and white paint job and added an emergency bar to the roof and the word “Police” to the side.

To be fair, Vigil did not intend to mimic a police car, but rather was duplicating a car-character from the movie “Transformers” for his 7-year-old son, Thomas (on the side of the vehicle, instead of saying “To Protect and Serve” it says “To Punish and Enslave”).

Vigil spoke with law enforcement before undertaking the redesign, and discovered that, yes, indeed, he was in the clear.

Vegas Man Paints Car Like Police Cruiser (Associated Press)

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