New Military Vehicle To Use Power Stroke


As part of the government's process of finding a new light tactical vehicle replacement for the Hummer, BAE Systems, a global company known for their advanced defense, security, and aerospace systems in the air and on land, is now showing their JLTV (Joint Light Tactical Vehicles) to government officials. The process has several stages but will likely be the vehicle of choice for our military for many years to come.  

Glenn Lamartin, BAE Systems JLTV Capture Lead, said “Our JLTVs are protected and survivable, light enough for transport by air or sea, and agile on road and off. Most importantly, they are affordable. This is truly a vehicle that is going to meet the needs of our service men and women.”

As part of its proposal, BAE Systems also announced that Ford's 6.7L V-8 Power Stroke will power the JLTV family of vehicles. Among the most important reasons for the choice was the engine's class-leading fuel economy and the best horsepower and torque numbers. This is the same engine Ford created for the F-Series Super Dutys.

We contacted Ford shortly after the announcement and spoke with Mike Levine, Ford's lead truck spokesperson: "We’re proud of Ford’s 6.7-liter Power Stroke V-8 diesel engines and their best-in-class power, durability and fuel economy. And we are proud the engines were chosen to be part of BAE's JLTV entry." When asked how much input Ford had in the project, Levine stated, "We’re not a partner in this venture." 

No doubt BAE will be able to purchase as many Power Stroke engines as they want from Ford if their project JLTV proposals, or other family vehicles, are selected. The government plans to select up to three vehicles at the end of the current Engineering and Manufacturing Development (EMD) stage of the process, with winners being announced in June.

No word yet as to whether or not a pickup truck version will be made. 


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