Nissan Says Phones Can Erase Your Key

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If you own a 2007 Nissan Altima or Infiniti G35, we have a suggestion: Keep your key fob in one pocket and your cell phone in the other.

According to the Associated Press, Nissan is getting complaints that cell phones are erasing its “intelligent keys” – you know, the ones you don’t actually have to put in the ignition – because some phones can alter the fobs’ electronic code if the two touch while a call is being made or received.

“When this happens, the I-Key will not start the vehicle and cannot be reprogrammed,” Nissan’s statement said.

Ouch. Wrong number, indeed.

Nissan says it’s working on the problem and will give customers new keys sometime this fall. For now, the company recommends keeping your cell phone and your fob “at least 1 inch apart at all times.” Just like when you were dating in junior high.

Brent Adams, vice president and general manager at Action Nissan in Nashville, told AP that the problem involves only a “certain type of phone and this particular service,” which he declined to specify. He described the number of complaints as “minute.”

Nissan: Cell Phones Can Alter the I-Key (L.A. Times)

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