NEWS Drives the Electric 2018 Workhorse W-15


CARS.COM — In a part of the automotive universe where Elon Musk and Tesla seem to be driving the electric vehicle conversations, a small company called the Workhorse Group looks like it will be ready to offer the world’s first extended-range electric pickup truck later this year. The Tesla pickup will not be ready for a couple of more years.

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Called the W-15, it was unveiled at the Advanced Clean Transportation Expo in Long Beach, Calif., The 5,000-pound all-new truck slots right into with the heart-of-the-market crew-cab half-ton pickup class with a wheelbase of 143 inches and an overall length of just less than 20 feet. Although a touch larger than the Honda Ridgeline, the W-15, with its four-wheel independent suspension, looks wider than most pickups by 5 or 6 inches especially from the rear. In fact, the bed is 6 feet long and wider than any of the existing competitors in the class.

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IMG_6803.JPG 2018 Workhorse W-15 | photo by Mark Williams
Photo of Mark Williams
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