Pontiac G8 GT SEMA Edition

  • Looks like: The Nightmare Before Auto Show Season
  • Defining characteristics: Halloween-themed color scheme
  • Ridiculous features: Halloween-themed color scheme
  • Chance of being mass-produced: Zero … we hope; the regular G8 GT we can’t wait for

We’re once again breaking our self-imposed rule of not showing any tuner-special cars that you won’t be able to buy at a local car dealership because … well, it’s still a Pontiac G8. We can’t get enough of the Aussie-imported V-8-powered, rear-wheel-drive sedan, no matter the jarring colors.

The cool thing about this show car is that it is pretty much exactly what we’ll get when the G8 GT goes on sale, except for the paint, a lowered suspension, enhanced brakes and 20-inch wheels. Although we’d like to see these wheels available as an option. Two more photos below.


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