Ram Will Offer Pentastar V-6 in Top Trim Levels


In response to the popularity of its efficient and powerful Pentastar V-6 engine and TorqueFlite 8 transmission, Ram has decided to make the entry- and mid-level powertrain available in higher trim levels as well.

"We have seen Ram 1500 V-6 gasoline sales increase steadily over the past 14 months. It started with the launch of our 3.6-liter Pentastar with leading 25 mpg fuel economy and 305 horsepower. Customers actually lift the hood on dealer lots because they believe the engine is a V-8 rather than a V-6 [after a test drive]. The popularity of our V-6/eight-speed combination has been so great, we've started offering it in higher trim levels beginning this month," said Bob Hegbloom, director of the Ram truck brand.

This means that Laramie model, listed on Ram's build-a-truck web page for $41,395 (including destination), will now be offered with a $1,650 discount (below the 5.7-liter V-8-equipped Laramie) for those opting for the Pentastar gas engine, which includes the 845RE eight-speed transmission.

We should note that this is option is so new the Ram website doesn't even have the option, so check with your local dealership for more details. photo by Matt Avery (top); manufacturer image (below)




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