Reader Review of the Week: 2009 Chevrolet Aveo

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“The exterior is great. No major problems are found here, except for a slight design flaw: There are drains in all four doors that leak a tarlike substance onto the bottom of the door, and it’s a bit of a pain to get off.

“Driving the Aveo is a pleasure. The acceleration is good (can’t outrun a Prius, though!) and the engine is surprisingly quiet. As previously mentioned, almost every bump in the road is noticeable, yet the vehicle almost never drifts from the center direction. In other words, you can keep going down a straightaway and not even have a hand on the wheel, as it will continue on the straight and narrow. The car also proves to be very maneuverable at slow and high speeds and can easily perform a tight turn at moderate speed.

“Overall, the car is great. For a new driver or someone on a budget, you simply can’t get a better vehicle for the price.”

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