Reader Review of the Week: 2009 Dodge Grand Caravan

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“This is an unbeatable family vehicle. We compared this to Honda (expensive and still unreliable, interior easily destroyed by youngsters) and Toyota (expensive!). The interior is durable stuff, the interior space is great, it has tons of storage, and opening side windows are very handy.

“The entertainment system is incredible: A 30-gig hard drive, iPod port, advanced radio scan, and DVD player with wireless headsets so we can listen to the radio while the kids watch a movie! Handling is solid but nimble, the rearview camera is indispensible, and gas mileage is very good for a van.

“This van handles better than others we tested in the snow and this is a key feature (we’re in Canada). The spare under the middle of the car is a little annoying. Otherwise, this is a top-class product.”

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