Reader Review of the Week: 2010 Kia Forte

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“Overall, I like the Forte. I’ve had it for about two months now, with just a few complaints. The exterior styling is great. The interior (I have the stone leather) I really like, too. It looks good, is easy to clean (I have two dogs) and matches the interior well.

“My biggest complaints are all fairly minor. Road noise seems loud when driving. The doors (at least the driver’s door) do not stay open unless pushed all the way out (there’s no place for it to stay locked unless completely open). The iPod cable renders the iPod completely useless as you must control it entirely through the display in the car, which, if you’re looking for a particular song, is much easier to do with the click wheel than going through the categories of playlists and finding the correct playlist and then the song. I also haven’t found a way to pause a song.

“Also, with the display, I love that it shows the artist and song title (when listening to Sirius), but if either is longer than the display, it would be nice if it would scroll to either direction to be able to read the artist’s name or song title in its entirety.

“ I seem to have a hard time getting the headrests in the back seat to stay all the way down. Last thing, there’s no automatic setting to make sure that when you are driving and have the fan set on “0” to have NO air coming out of the vents; you have to push the button to control that, but when you turn the car off and back on again another time, the button is no longer activated.

“On the positive side, I love the center console with two sections and use it all the time. I also appreciate the extra cupholders on the two front doors, and the display is great for Sirius and the iPod. It’s a great looking car, I really do love the interior, and it’s a steal at the price. I test-drove eight other cars, all $25k or under, and went with this one. I have my complaints but I would definitely recommend it.”

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