Reader Review of the Week: 2010 Toyota Prius

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Forty-five-year-old “JimmyJam” has owned 37 cars in 45 years — that’s a lot of cars. Out of the 37, his favorite is the 2010 Toyota Prius. Why? According to the Iowan, the Prius can carry his dogs, his kids … and tow his Jet Ski. Even though JimmyJam believes the Prius is overpriced, he liked it enough to buy another one. Find out what else he said about the Prius, then write your own review here.

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“I always try to buy a hatchback since I have dogs, kids and a Jet Ski. I have never considered a Prius due to lack of towing. I decided to buy and see if it would tow a Jet Ski (I know … not recommended). It pulls it fine! Granted, I don’t pull it very far, but it works great!

“These cars are a bit overpriced in my opinion (buy used). The car handles very well, comfy and efficient! We actually like it well enough that we bought another. Here are the cons. In the loaded V that I have, the nav I would not spring for. It often won’t recognize an address! The nav features are locked out when the vehicle is in motion. (Come on, Toyota. I paid for it. Let me use it!) The iPod interface is nice but way too slow. (Your own iPod interface works better.)

“Bluetooth works great with my iPhone 4! No issues, period. The caller often can’t hear you very well. The technology package is worth it if you take long trips! This one is a Keeper!”

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