Spider Problem Shows Up in Honda and Hyundai Models, Too

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Honda reported having a similar spider problem with its 2008-09 Accord, according to the Chicago Tribune. In some of those vehicles, yellow sac spiders caused the same problems seen in the Mazda6.

Like in the Mazda 6 recall, the same specific breed of spider can weave a web in the evaporative canister vent, which helps capture any raw fuel from evaporating in the fuel tank. The spiders can prevent the evaporative system (EVAP) from functioning correctly, which, in turn, raises the pressure in the fuel tank and can cause a crack, fuel leak or fire.

While searching for the particulars of the Honda service bulletin, we discovered a Hyundai technical service bulletin pointing out that foreign materials — such as dirt, spider webs or a kinked line — could be the cause of an EVAP problem in its vehicles if such a problem is discovered during a diagnostic check.

Mazda recalled some 52,000 of its vehicles, but right now Honda doesn’t expect to file an official recall. Honda issued a service bulletin explaining the problem to Honda mechanics and how to fix it. Honda believes the arachnid is squeezing past the small gaps surrounding the fuel door and crawling down the vent hole into the EVAP system.

Repairs include cleaning out the spider webs and installing a spring to drain the box, just like in the Mazda6. The spider fix for the Accord will be covered under the vehicle’s warranty, according to the bulletin. The same goes for the Hyundais.

To read more about the Honda bulletin, you can download a PDF version of it here.

Spiders Show Up in Honda Accords Too (Chicago Tribune)

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