Supreme Court to Rule on Car Emissions


Twelve states and the District of Columbia are going to the Supreme Court to weigh in on a case that could force the Environmental Protection Agency to regulate car emissions. Led by California representatives, the group hopes the Supreme Court will decide in its favor after hearing arguments Wednesday. On the other side is a group representing Ford, GM, Toyota and six other automakers, who don’t want the EPA to get in on the act. They’re represented by Ken Starr and a dozen other lawyers.

Coincidentally, Wednesday happens to be the day the L.A. Auto Show will be the site of a slew of new hybrid cars debuting from a variety of automakers.

In Washington, D.C., the court will decide on the principal issue of the EPA’s place in regulating emissions under the Clean Air Act of the 1970s. The automakers’ lawyers will debate the impact of emissions on global warming, saying there is still not enough evidence to act. We’ll keep an eye on the story while we’re at the L.A. Auto Show under smoggy sunny skies.

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