Tesla Model 3 Videos Show Control Screen in Action


CARS.COM — With the Tesla Model 3 beginning production, we’ve gotten a look at it inside and out. But little has surfaced on what it’s like to operate the controls and information centered on the single big display on a bare dashboard.

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Now, tech entrepreneur Kevin Rose, a founder of Digg, got his hands on one and has posted a couple of videos that shed more light on it. As Rose tweeted, he’s in love with it (emoji).

Rose posted a video on Instagram setting the external mirrors and a second video showing other controls, which you can view below.

The touchscreen and steering wheel controls look on trend and fun to use, but reactions also included Instagram commenter giancarlobenzina, who was not so much in love: “I’d like to see you touch setting functions while on one of the 80 percent bumpy roads or chat with Tesla Siri when in loud city. Hahaha, you’re lost my friend without the major knobs, levers. Check MIDI keyboards. They exist not just for retro feel.”

Meanwhile, Tesla was in the news with two other reports, including one by Reuters on the coming electric semitruck Tesla has promised in prototype form in September, and one by The Wall Street Journal (subscription required) that reports on internal dissent at Tesla over claims for the Tesla Autopilot system’s eventual self-driving capability, rifts that led to the departures of some developers.

Reuters reports that a Ryder fleet system executive who has met with Tesla officials learned that the electric semi will be a “day cab” (no sleeper) and have a working range of 200 to 300 miles. It would, thus, be suited more to local and regional hauling rather than directly taking on diesel big rigs with ranges of up to 1,000 miles on full tanks, Reuters has learned, a sign that the electric carmaker is targeting regional hauling for its entry into the commercial freight market.

“I’m not going to count them out for having a strategy for longer distances or ranges, but right out of the gate, I think that’s where they’ll start,” said Perry, who is Ryder’s chief technology officer and chief procurement officer.

The Wall Street Journal reports disagreement among Tesla engineers regarding the limits of Autopilot’s capabilities, particularly claims of eventual “full autonomy.” The report expands earlier reports, including one a year ago by CNN, that CEO Elon Musk overruled engineers who had urged more caution regarding claims for the system.

For Kevin Rose’s video on the Model 3’s interior features, check out the video below. And catch up with all of our Model 3 coverage right here:


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