You Can Now Lock Your Porsche With Your Apple Watch

549077069 1429886482845 jpg Porsche Car Connect; | Manufacturer image

Controlling your car with an app isn’t a new thing. Automakers from Hyundai to Chevrolet to BMW have been allowing owners to check on their car and perform various functions via smartphone apps for the past few years.

Today, Porsche announced its iOS app Porsche Car Connect is also compatible with the Apple Watch that found its way to owners today.

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Functions like locking your car doors, folding the side-view mirrors and checking tire pressure can all be done via the phone app. There’s also a function for finding where you parked your Porsche. On plug-in hybrid models you can also check on charging times and prep your climate control.

Porsche Car Connect is available in new Panamera, Macan, Cayenne and 918 Spyder models. Buyers of 911s will have to wait it seems.

BMW’s i Remote that is available on the i3 and i8 electric vehicles only also has an Apple Watch compatible app.

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