2017 Luxury Car of the Year: BMW 7 Series

2017 BMW 740

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There's so much you can point to about the 7 Series as standing out in its field that the list starts to get a little crazy. Start with the way it's built: This is the first major series production luxury sedan to use a significant amount of carbon-fiber parts, bonded into place and mixed with other lightweight parts like aluminum and magnesium to create a car that's as big as its predecessor but has dropped more than 100 pounds in weight. You can choose between a powerful turbocharged inline six-cylinder engine, a plug-in hybrid with a turbocharged four-cylinder or a high-powered, twin-turbo V-8. But it's the car's new electronic systems that truly dazzle. How about a special key fob with an LCD screen that lets you park from outside the car and nobody behind the wheel, letting you pull it into tight spots that you otherwise wouldn't have been able to get into? Or a gesture control system that can recognize preset hand movements to control the multimedia system? Perhaps you prefer to be a passenger and want to opt for the executive rear-seat system that features everything from a removable tablet to massaging, reclining rear seats. You can have all of it and more in the fantastically advanced BMW 7 Series, our Luxury Car of the Year.