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(28 reviews)

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Tire repair/refill

I recently experienced a major tire failure while traveling, was forced to purchase a new tire, and they only due air fills. Was happy to get "home", got the tire refilled with nitrogen, I am a happy camper! Vicki Nelson


Very happy!

That Jason is a KNOCK-OUT! great CUSTOMER SERVICE...


Great new facility

They are a really great place to buy a vehicle. They have a great service department also.


Follow up service of new car

We purchased a Buick from the Fisher Chevrolet Buick GMC dealership three months ago. Since that time we have had two oil changes (included with car purchase), a tire repaired (bolt in the road) and the the paint treatment program we purchased. Each and every experience was great, my husband works in Sierra Vista so it is impossible to have service done during the week, yet the guys in Service manage to work us in and always do a fantastic job! Thank you Heinz and Jason for looking out for us and providing the quality of service we have come to expect.


Amazing Service

I don't know where to start. A lot of dealerships say that they offer the very best customer service which usually ends the minute that you're out the door. I honestly believe that Fisher Chevrolet has the very best customer service in the world! My wife and I decided to drive to Mexico so that we could see all the historical sites and visit the maximum amount of her family members. While visiting family in Veracruz Mexico, about 1600 miles into the trip, the engine light in our car came on and we had to take the car to a Chevrolet dealer in Boca Del Rio Veracruz. The dealership there diagnosed the car and told us that it would take 21 days to get the part we needed. Then as if we weren't stunned enough, they told us that we had to call and get authorization to fix the engine, and we could not use the dealership phones because they were incapable of calling out of Mexico. After six hours on the phone, which would not allow us to call 800 numbers, and a hundred dollars later we were about to give up. That very moment I thought of Fisher Chevrolet and the outstanding service that I've received over the years. I called and explained my situation to the receptionist who then transferred me to Sandy the warranty manager. The first thing Sandy said was "are you alright, do you have a place to stay, and can you afford to stay a few extra days in Boca Del Rio Veracruz while we get the part to you?" Sandy also stated that the dealership did not need authorization to fix our car because the car was still under warranty. We answered yes to all of her inquiries, but I was experiencing some circulation problems in my feet which were swollen up to the size of footballs. Sandy then instructed us to keep all our receipts related to our car problems, so we could be reimbursed when we got back, and to go back to the dealership were our car was and call her when we arrived. Sandy called in Arturo (the technician that works on our car) to translate and identify the part that we needed once we arrived at the dealership. Sandy then searched her database, found the part that we needed at a dealership in Phoenix Arizona, and then said that she would have the part express shipped to her from Phoenix, then express shipped to the dealership in Boca Del Rio, Veracruz Mexico. It should take about three days to get the part. You should've seen the jaws drop at that dealership in Mexico. There was stunned silence! I couldn't resist having my wife tell them that "Fisher Chevrolet is the best Chevrolet dealer in the world!" We took the car in for service when we got back from Mexico. Arturo asked me on the phone how long it took for the dealership in Mexico to install the part once they received it and I told him it took about one week. Arturo couldn't believe that it took more than a couple of hours. I thanked Arturo for his hard work and dedication. A lot of dealerships talk the talk when it comes to customer service, but Fisher Chevrolet proves that customer service is not what you say but it's what you do. Guess where I'm going to buy my next car!


Fisher Chevy Service Department is number 1!

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, Heinz and the rest of the Fisher automotive service team were excellent! I dropped my car on Friday afternoon and it was diagnosed, fixed, washed and ready for pickup early Saturday afternoon. Lloyd must have some dirt on these guys to keep them busting their humps time after time to ensure dependable, timely service, or maybe they just love their jobs! (Nah, Lloyd's got something on them! HA-HA!) All kidding aside, I've been a loyal customer of Fisher Chevy for going on 13 years now, and it's Heinz Pletsch that keeps me coming back. His great sense of humor and commitment to customer satisfaction is second to none. Having said that, though, I would not hesitate to take my concerns to Hector, Al or Ivan in Heinz's absence, since over the years I've done just that, and they all offer great customer service with a smile. (That includes you, too, Lloyd!) They are one heck of a team and I hope Mr. Fisher realizes the gold mine he has covering his service department. I imagine he does!


Everyone was very helpful!

excellent Service..............................................................................


Customer service

Hector Aguirrebarrena gave us excellent car service! He was very professional & answered all my questions. I am a very satisfied customer!