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(3,094 reviews)

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Fred Robinson - the Man, the Myth, the Legend

My daughter I visited 2 Sundays ago with the purpose of buying her 1st car (used). Fred was assigned to help us and he made this monumental occasion a wonderful experience for her. He was kind, patient, very knowledgeable and simply wonderful. And she LOVES her Hyundai (bright red for extra sass!)


Roger provided exceptional service from start to finish!...

Roger provided exceptional service from start to finish! My Toyota Highlander had an issue with the rear wheel assembly, and I was informed what needed to be fixed and at what cost less than two hours after dropping my vehicle off! They ordered the part right away and had it fixed next day. This was the first time I’ve ever needed to take my car to Toyota for an issue in the 7 years I’ve had it, and I was very impressed. Roger was friendly, kept me informed, and was extremely professional! I highly recommend Toyota of Orlando’s service department, they treated me very well and took great care of my Highlander!


Apparently, they can't chew gum and walk at the same...

Apparently, they can't chew gum and walk at the same time. Request came through from marketing to have my contact info removed as I've moved out of state but this seems to be one of things: a very difficult task to complete, a sign of incompetence, or a pure lack of customer service. Now going on two months. A shame I gave them my business for many years.


No transparency at all. After a test drive I sat with...

No transparency at all. After a test drive I sat with Antonio and asked him to give me the OTD ( out of door price), he took apiece of paper and started to write a lot of numbers without any explanation and told me this is the price. I told him to bring me all the details of those numbers (in other words the OTD price), he said that the dealership dont allowed him to do it. Thats the way some dealerships with no integrity try to charge us FAKE FEES. I recommend to ask for the OTD price when start a transaction of a car and then listen what they going to tell you.


Orlando losers

Jerry the back stabbing Financial loser that didn’t refund our down payment. My wife had to call to check and that’s when they sent it. Now we have to wait to look at other vehicles because Jerry is a lazy lying piece of garbage.


Servio pobre y vendedores with bad attitude

Fuimos a ver carros y al entrar a negociar el servicio fue muy pobre a comparación de los carros que hemos notado anteriormente (2 carros uno en el 2014 y otro en el 2019) los vendedores un poco agresivos y el financista no nos dio opciones, fue muy cortante y básicamente nos dijo es eso lo qué hay y punto. El domingo 28 de marzo mi hermana fue y después de casi cerrar el negocio ya firmados papeles le dijeron que las condiciones es cambiaron, le subieron la cuota mensual y que necesitaban un bill de la casa. Obviamente a las 10pm ellos no tenían ese papel y no les dejaron llevar el carro, aún después de que mi hermana llamó a La aseguradora y le compró el seguro al carro. Nunca vuelvo a recomendarlos.


Service Dept. Danny Dietrich gets 5 starsSales Dept....

Service Dept. Danny Dietrich gets 5 stars Sales Dept. gets zero stars for harassing customers who are waiting for vehicle service calling them one by one to their location and approaching them about selling/trading in their vehicle. They don't take "I'm not interested in selling my car, I just came in for an oil change" as an answer - they keep prodding with questions. This practice of soliciting customers who are there to have their vehicle service is extremely irritating and one of the many reasons people dislike going to car dealerships!


Purchased a certified pre owned vehicle from Toyota, and...

Purchased a certified pre owned vehicle from Toyota, and it has broken down on me 3 times within days of purchase. It has now been in the service department 4 times, and is still there. I have not had my truck in nearly a month. What an absolute joke. They will absolutely try to low-ball you on your trade in. The dealership will attempt to make you give them a 5 star review on Google like it's part of the purchasing process. I will never suggest this dealership to anyone.


Poor business practices.1. Warranty offered at purchase...

Poor business practices. 1. Warranty offered at purchase was not honored 2. The radio on my vehicle had to be replaced soon after I bought it 3. I had to get a rental right after purchasing the car because some of the paint was chipped in the back. 4. Maintenance damaged the shift stick lights while working in my car, but they never fixed it. Instead I had to pay for it. 5. Last visit to get the breaks replaced, the car was left as a wreck with a horrible noise, I had to take it back to get it fix correctly. They damaged the glove compartment while working on the stick shift panel, the rep Gabriella maintenance refuses to have it fix. 6. They charged interest on my last payment (payoff) for taking advantage of the "Covid19" assistance, even though I was assured that no monies / charges were associated with this "assistance".


Excellent service and sales people. I decided to turn in...

Excellent service and sales people. I decided to turn in my lease car and purchase a new one. Very helpful sales personnel. I am very pleased with my experience today.