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(1,253 reviews)

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Dishonest...Tried to upcharge on a quote for a battery

Had a verbal phone quote of $124.99 + tax for battery and it being installed. It is literally loosening 4 bolts, lifting and replacing, then tightening the bolts. Took 5 minutes. They tried to say it was now $179 + tax. Really?? After insisting on Coggin honor their quote, they did, but charged $15 for a "shop fee." This in addition to the labor. What shop material was used? None. Dishonest is all I can say.


As soon as these guys get your money -- you're outta there

The finance guys screwed up on determining the charges for my purchase. That affected the loan I obtained on the car. When it came time to get my tags, they told me I owed them another $325. That's a hardship for me that would not have occurred if they had correctly determined the price of the deal so I could have covered the entire expense with the loan. I've been calling them for two weeks. 19 times out of 20 the operator does not answer the phone, and the sales department doesn't answer because they're always busy helping other customers. They screwed me and there was no one I could talk to about it, and when I finally got through, there was nothing they could do for me -- despite their screwup. I really regret the day I drove into their lot.


Horrible don’t go

Well I took my car into the dealership for just an oil change I was there first thing in the morning I didn’t have an appointment but I was told before that I don’t need one to just come in they will take care of you. I had expected to wait an hour, hour and a half max. Well it came to 3 hours later and no word from anyone except a text saying stuff needed to be changed or whatever. I had already told the tech that we did some of the stuff on the list which I guess he didn’t even listen to me. So in the email/text it told me the price of what my service came out to be which was $35 and some change he first came with the paper saying it was $72 I was like whoa wait the email said it was $35 and I proceeded to show him the email but he walked away before I could he came back 5 minutes later says it was $55. So was he just making up numbers, who knows. I paid the $55 as I was already irritated by the now 3 hr and 20 min wait I wasn’t told where my car was at and had to wander around to find it mind you I had my 3 year old daughter with me when I got to my car the plastic and got mats were still in my car and the “complementary “ car wash was not done. I am beyond mad at this point and just get in my car and go since now my cranky 3 year old needs lunch since it is now almost 1. This is the worst service and on top of it I had to buy a new oil plug because they broke my other one saying the last person who did my oil change did it and it was them. I will be contacting corporate about all of this

Dealer response

Jmjones407, we regret to hear that you had a negative experience with us, but would appreciate the chance to turn your experience around. We regret that you had a negative experience with us, but are glad you brought this to our attention. My team strives to provide excellent service to each and every one of our customers. At your convenience, I would like to discuss your visit with you so that we can find the best resolution. Regards, Bob O'Neil, General Manager, (407) 792-1483.


The WORST Experience I ever had with Service dept

I took my car to the service dept of Coggins Honda of Orlando for oil change on Wed 07/31/19. They did the oil change. After I left the dealership I noticed they scratched the inside of my car and there was very nasty foot prints all over the interior of my car. That was 5:00 pm. I called the dealership immediately. I.spoke with the operator. She told me everybody left, and she will leave a message with David Vocci, the service director and he will call you back. I never heard back from him. I called the first thing on Thursday morning and asked to talk to David Vocci. Chris from the service dept told me David in meeting and he will call you back. I never heard from David. I called three times and I get the same answer. Then on Friday, I went to the service dept to talk to David Vocci. He came and without looking at the car, he said we are not fixing your car. You should told us before leaving the dealership. I asked to see the general manager, Michael. I met Michael. Again without looking at the cargo got the same answer "we will not fix your car" and he accuse me of not telling the truth. Michael was the worst . he was very rude, very unprofessional, very mean, very cold and thinks everybody is dishonest. I guess dishonest people think everybody is dishonest. I always expect when I take my car to a dealership that they will take a good car of my car. NOT at Cggins Honda of Orlando. I have the WORST Experience at the Service Dept of Coggins Honda of Orlando. Pls I you have to take you car to this dealership make sure you take pictures of the exterior and interior of your car.


Fit me right in.....Thanks Coggon

Was havin an issue with my A/C,it was very late in the day. I just drove up ( they were busy n near close, but Ingrid said it's too hot to be without it.. She squeezed my in and waited past her leave time to make sure I was taken care of and car was good to go...I really thank you guy's for that Thanks Ingrid and Coggin..Great service.


Best car salesman in Orlando!!

Devon (the Jamaican) salesman promptly greeted me and my daughter. We told him what type of vehicle we were shopping for and he took us to look at three different models. He showed us a Certified 2017 Honda Accord that was in immaculate condition and my daughter had a very satisfactory test drive. Devon's knowledge of the vehicle and his ability to explain all the features and benefits helped us to make a decision to purchase. He was very accommodating and straightforward. Devon made a conscious effort to get us in a vehicle of our choice as quickly as possible. Kristopher Roberts (F & I Manager) couldn’t have been nicer or more knowledgeable! J. Dean & V. Dean


Awesome staff!

My Fiance and I had a great experience buying a used car here! The staff was super nice and easy to work with! I would recommend this place to anyone looking for a used/new car!


Poor Service

Purchased a BRAND NEW vehicle at this location in March (end of March. I hadnt made my 1st payment and had to bring it back for 2 issues (which werent resolved). Now I'm here for an Oil Change ( and still other 2 issues) and I've been here since 7:08am. no one has come to update me! Really? In addition they are charging me to get tires rotated. Mind you I PURCHASED every freakin warranty you could imagine. Poor Service..ready to trade in my 2019 Pilot Elite and go back to Infinity.

Dealer response

Hello Steph, Thank you for your feedback. I understand how valuable your time is and regret that you experienced a longer than expected wait time in our service department. We try to make sure that we are updating our customers when we can and get them in and out in a timely manner; yet sometimes we can get busy. We are continuously working to improve our service experience and will utilize your feedback as an opportunity to improve. Let me know if you have any questions or additional concerns and I will be happy to address them. David Voci, Service Manager, (407) 850-3630


Overall service from Kristopher Roberts/JT Gunter

They were absolutely awesome and the best experience ever. This is the 2nd car I purchased at Coggin Honda and both times they were extremely attentive professional on all levels and most importantly they both made sure Everything was all about what was best for me and never about the money. They took there time and made sure that at the end I was happy. I would definitely recommend coggin Honda and will highly recommend Kristopher Roberts and JT Gunter for anything you need. You want quality then that is those 2 gentlemen hands down. I am proud to be a part of the Honda family. Best decision ever!


Shawn is awesome!!!

Thank you so much Shawn for making this such a smooth experience. He was very attentive, answered all my questions, and made sure I was getting what I could within my budget. I appreciate all your patience and help. I recommend Shawn Winn to anyone who doesn’t know much about cars and needs someone willing to be patient and super accommodating.