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On April 16, 2024 my husband and I went to Love Honda to

On April 16, 2024 my husband and I went to Love Honda to purchase a pre-owned Hybrid CR-V. We were there from 10 am - 6 pm. It was our worst car buying experience ever. My husband had done some negotiating over the phone with an Internet sales person. When we got to the Dealer they gave us a sales person Jimmy. We took the car for a test drive and loved it. When it came down to price it didn’t go so well. They added all kinds of charges so it was not any where near the price that was spoken about over the phone. The sales manager Sean got involved. He was very disrespectful. He kept yelling and screaming, was throwing all kinds of figures back and forth, and it got really confusing. A lot of it was not being explained. When you asked a question, Sean would get upset. The sales person didn’t know what to do. We wanted the 24 month 1.9% financing from Honda, even though the car was certified they wanted to charge us a $1,200.00 premium fee to get the Honda financing. Finally we negotiated an out the door price. Waited to go to the financing person Jennifer. We were being rushed because there was another couple waiting to finish their deal. They were going through the paperwork so fast we found a few mistakes that they did correct. My husband and I needed to talk, when we walked out of the office we were told we were breaking the law. Continued to rush us back in. Sean kept saying we had such a good deal we were going to get him and the salesman fired. They continued to rush and have us sign the paperwork. Then gave it to us on a flash drive. The next morning when I printed the paper work out, there was a charge for something negotiated in the out the door price. We drove back to the dealership to get it corrected. Sean wasn’t there the other sales manager was. He stated we signed the paper work and they couldn’t make any changes, the deal had been done. The general manager Vic stepped in and cut us a check to straighten the matter out. On top of all that we were missing the wheel lock key and the owners manual. The owners manual was in the car when we test drove it. They did get us a wheel lock key from the parts dept. They still have not gotten the right year Honda CR-V Hybrid owners manual. Too many empty promises. Buyer beware. Don’t let Love Honda do this to you.


This was our second purchase in less than a year.

This was our second purchase in less than a year. They are friendly and care for their customers. We were in a traffic crash and our first vehicle was totaled. So we returned to Love Honda for our next purchase with the same salesman, Michael Romaelle.


We came to look at a new Crv.

We came to look at a new Crv. Price online was a little over. 32000. The salesman said is was sold. We looked at other ones then saw you do dealer add on. And the price goes up 5000 to 7000. We were then told that the Crv does not come white with gray leather. I do not like doing business with a dealer that bates and switches items and advertises one price then charges more


I hate going into car dealers.

I hate going into car dealers. But, did I find one that made up for all the bad ones. A bright young man, Alex Roberts greeted me at the door. A bit in shock as He was at the last dealer I went to and had a very bad experience there. I liked him at the previous dealer but as just the sales guy, he couldn't help. He quit there for the same reasons I didn't like the place. He and I laughed about the experience. He told me how much He loved being at Love Honda. That they were straight, helpful and had a great Espirit d'corp among all the employees. He worked hard to get my business and really went out of his way to help me find the right Odyssey. All the people there I met couldn't have been nicer. You had the feeling that you were among friends who wanted you to be pleased. As a cyber failure, and a senior person, He took pity on me and helped me set up all the phone and bluetooth connections. After some jousting on price and terms, we settled and I drove off with a smile on my face. As an ex CEO, it was a pleasure seeing high standards and employee commitment at work. The owner is known to me and is respected in the community. His leadership has created an excellent dealership especially for those of us who loathe going to car dealers.


Bought a 2024 Ridgeline.

Bought a 2024 Ridgeline. Met with Cierra, and Sales Rep Dan. I should have come to Love Honda first! Instead I got drawn in by an internet ad for a dealer in the TB area. They never would give me an out the door price. I was in and out at Love Honda in under 1.5 hours from start to finish. Got a great price with very little haggling. Very satisfied with entire experience. Recommend Love Honda highly! Go see Dan, he’s a straight shooter.


love my Love Honda dealership in Homosassa

I own a 2018 CRV and my experience with the service department is very pleasant, they always do an excellent job. I could go to the Honda dealer closer to home in pasco county but I love the staff and efficiency I drive to the Homosassa this has been twice and Jodie Brady is an excellent service advisor


Bad car repair service

The first time I had a good review for Honda but now this Time I unfortunately have to give it a one you guys worked on my Chrysler 200 the first time in a timely manner I'm a truck driver you now have my car for 2 months if not a little longer and it's still not done you send it to Chrysler in Inverness with out telling me it went to Inverness and when I demand to pay my bill bc I'm leaving to go back to work you guys don't want to take my money you lost all my business and will let family and friends know to avoid this Honda dealership



I bought a car, my sister bought a car. There was an offer of $200 if I sent another buyer. I have been shafted out of the $200 and lied to and lied to and lied to. If they are selling to you they treat you good, but when it comes to keeping their word, forget it.


Good deal and didn’t have to talk to Chad last.

I just purchased a new Honda Civic Sport. I tr as fed in a2021 that I purchased new from this dealership. Both were fair deals I think. They are great l, fun folks to deal with and the follow up and service are exemplary. I recommend Love Honda.


A great place to buy your next car

the atmosphere is great. they work hard to get you the car you want at a price you can fit into your budget. a car deal that turns into friendship. I would recommend Love Honda