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About our dealership

Welcome to Stokes Automotive. A small town dealership owned and operated by a local family not a corporation based out of some high-rise in a big city. A place where you are treated like family not just another customer. A company that isn't just in a small town but a part of the community. A dealership that doesn't just sell you a car we sell you our commitment. We have over 400 vehicles in stock across seven brands and we will do everything we can to get you into the one that best fits your needs.
We are Stokes Automotive and we do things differently here.
We Clobber Big City Prices

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(143 reviews)

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Had me drive 45min for a car that already sold.

Drove 45 minutes to look at a vehicle that I was told over the phone was still on the lot. It was still on their website, autotrader, and gurus. Get there and it was already gone. Total waste of time. Trash business.


Service department is anything but a service department.

Service department is anything but a service department. They lack communication skills and have zero regard for their customers. I would not recommend them to anyone.


Emily Honey

Taylor N was such a pleasure to work with. I had a letter from my bank for financing so the process was so easy; the quickest car buying experience I have ever had.


Once trusted this dealership

I have been a customer of this dealership for over 35 years. This last vehicle I traded for has transmission issues that I am now sure the salesman along with dealership knew was a major issue with this 2014 Silverados.Yes I did test drive the vehicle a short distance. It seemed okay.It was a couple weeks before I went on a Interstate trip of about 40 miles.Then when I came to a stop and started back the transmission surged between 1st a d 2nd gear.I called the salesman at Stokes Automotive advises of issue.He came back with well you bought it as is..and to say again that's the way it is. We won't do any thing to help you.I have consulted with a very reliable mechanic and he also stated that Stokes knew this was a issue on this truck as well as others.I know I am just one customer. But this will be the last dealings with this dealership. It is gonna cost me about $6,000 to replace transmission.


Unreliable Service Department

Service department is a joke. I had a appointment for 7:30 AM on Monday morning, I went back at 3:00 PM on Wednesday, my truck was still sitting where it was parked on Monday. I got my keys and left. I've spent thousands of dollars at Stokes on vehicle maintenance and bought a new truck there. They don't care about customers and are very quick to lie to you. Take your business elsewhere or prepare too here a bunch of excuses and lies.


In April 2021 Stokes replaced the transmission in my car....

In April 2021 Stokes replaced the transmission in my car. This was not warranty work. We paid for it. September 2021, went to change the oil, and saw that 3 of the 4 bolts holding the subframe were MISSING. The remaining 1 bolt was so loose it fell out. This was a complete failure. It doesn't take but a few minutes to properly torque the bolts in. Had that 1 remaining bolt fell out at 70 mph on the interstate, it would have been disastrous. Who doesn't tighten bolts? That's pretty dang important! I would not recommend the service department for anything.


Where do I begin...I began looking for a truck...

Where do I begin... I began looking for a truck approximately two weeks ago and was referred to Stokes Chevrolet by my father-in-law. When I went on their website I found the truck I purchased and it was listed with the "Stokes Low Price" of $63,095. When my wife called to begin the purchase process they sent us an adjusted price of $66,093. I then inquired about the price difference when compared to the online price. They said they made a mistake online and would not honor their own advertised price. My wife asked to speak to the manager (Mike) and was told that he had then changed the price at that moment. I later called myself and asked to speak to the same manager and was told that "Mike" had went home for the day and was placed on the phone with a different sales manager (Brad Horton). I began to explain the situation to him about the price being changed during the negotiation process and he stated "that wasn't possible". I then explained to him what "Mike" had told my wife and he continued to tell me it wasn't possible. My wife later emailed the owner and received no response. At that time I decided to look at options at other locations and was unable to find the truck I wanted at any other dealership within a 500 mile radius of my location. That is the only reason I continued with the purchase from Stokes Chevrolet. When I arrived at Stokes Chevrolet to complete the purchase I did a walk around inspection of the vehicle prior to signing any additional paperwork. During the inspection I found two locations on the vehicle that had minor paint and plastic damage. Mr. Tom Brown, the salesman, immediately went to get someone to remedy the issue. When Mr. Brown returned there were three employees with him (General Manager, MIKE KAMPPINEN; Warranty Clerk, MICHELLE PRICE; and on additional gentleman by the name of David) Neither of the three individuals introduced themselves. I got their names from the stokes employee page and David's name came from Mr. Tom Brown. The three individuals began talking amongst themselves about how to remedy the issues. They initially wanted to me to leave the truck for them to correct the issues but that was not an option for me as I live out of state. The general manager Mr. Kamppinen suggested that they could order the piece of tail gate trim that was scuffed up and I could replace it myself. He also suggested that they could just use "touch-up paint" to fix the chipped off paint on the front bumper. I politely stated "with all due respect this is a brand new vehicle and I am paying a lot of money for and we will not be touching anything up. Its a brand new vehicle and I expect it to be in brand new condition when I purchase it." We then discussed a plan to get the issues corrected at a location more convenient to me and Mr. Brown ensured I was satisfied with the outcome. Mr. Brown then went over everything on the vehicle with me to show me all the features. We started on the outside of the truck and then the inside. He covered every button in the truck with great detail and asked if I had any additional questions. I did not have any other questions at that time so we then took it for a test drive. Upon return from the test drive we completed all sales paperwork. During that process, no manager came to thank me for my business or asked if I was satisfied. In fact, Mr. Tom Brown was the only one that shook my hand and thanked me for my business. With the exception of Mr. Tom Brown, I have never met such a collective group of dishonest salesman that have no concern for customer satisfaction for continued business. Furthermore, it was very clear to me during this purchase process the owner does not show any concern for customer satisfaction. If I never have to do business with Stokes Chevrolet again it will be too soon. With that said, I would recommend to anyone in the market for a vehicle to be leary of the "Stokes Low Price" listed on their own website and to avoid doing business with them at all costs.


Service tires

No printout on how tires balanced, no one said anything about if the tires would balance or not, but offered diagnostic for 150, and told it probably needed front end work (that supposed to have done there right before we bought the truck there) before they even looked at the truck. Odd that no one ask for the key to the lugs to take the tires off while I waited over 1.5 hours. Took the truck to a local shop and they were able to tell me immediately I had a bad tire and exactly which one it was even though "they are mud tires" which I was told several times. I was also told "we'll do the best we can" but didn't realize the best you could was less of a service than I had received with my other vehicle. Left message for service manager Dana Jones to please call me but he never did. Poor communication, customer service all the way around.


Lied about a 2021 Trail Boss price. Neil

Found a new Trail Boss on Cargurus for 39568. 2021 model. Called and Spoke with Neil he said the Truck was sold yesterday; he turned around and upped the price 40568. Beware of this Dealership Stokes chevrolet in Clanton. They are liars. Dishonest

Dealer response

As I tried explaining to you when we were talking, it takes hours to update the website, and no one was lying to you. The truck you were interested was a sold unit. Unfortunately, it did not come off of our website until the next day. The problem wit the price was that it was sold as a fleet unit. When that happens, all retail discounts are removed. That is why the price was different. It makes no sense for us to lie to you about the price of a vehicle that was already sold. I am sorry that it was too confusing for you, and wish you luck with your vehicle purchase.


Car owner

I was on the market for a used car and they helped me to find one and had my first service on the car and it was fast and easy nice people there

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