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Trading in 2018 4cyl tacoma for 6cyl new Tacoma

Went in to upgrade my Toyota Tacoma from a 4cylinder to cylinder. Found the truck that fit but noticed the key was plain with no keyless entry buttons as my truck had that I was trading in. Questioned the salesman and sales manager. They agreed to replace the keys with the keyless entry ones and I signed papers saying I'd do the deal if they would follow thru with the key upgrade. Seemed as the deal was being worked out that this might be an issue. So FOUR times I asked if this was going to be an issue. Was assured it would be handled and was led to believe that evening it would be. I was lied to. I had to bring new truck back twice and DEMAND this done. Then realized the service dapt had to do it and I had to make appt. Upon bringing new Tacoma in then realized it was to take several hours to do. Then when I picked it up realized they'd put cheap fobs attached to key rings in place of the factory fobs attached to keys like I had on prior truck. I'm furious. I would NEVER HAVE AGREED TO THIS HAD I KNOWN THIS WOULD BE THE WAY THEYD HANDLE THIS. FOBS ARE CHEAP AND DONT WORK OFTEN. Several attempts to get them to fix this have been ignored. Do not trust the sales dept at all. They do not care about you at all. Liars and frauds. They are complete crooks!!!!

Dealer response

Thank you for sharing this review regarding your experience with us. We would like to discuss this with you further if you could please contact us at your earliest convenience. Regards, The Reinhardt Toyota Team


I don't have a title.

Dont stand behind the vehicle they sell. Once they get the money, they are done with you. I will not buy another car or truck from them.

Dealer response

We would like to speak with you directly in order to better understand the circumstances you’ve described and reach a satisfactory resolution together. Please contact us directly at your earliest convenience. Thank you, we look forward to speaking with you. Best, The Reinhardt Toyota Team


Reinhardt was not honest with me.

Update 10/18/19: Spoke with used car salesman Steve today about rear main seal. I believe him when he says he will ask management about fixing or meeting me halfway to fix. He said very doubtful they will. If not, I would not recommend buying a used car from here. They are not honest. Update: 10/9/19: Took skid plates off truck 3 weeks ago to change oils and noticed small leak. Brought truck to local B'ham mechanic...rear main seal and a coolant leak on engine block. Will cost $4,000 to repair. Shame on me for not checking car better, but shame on Reinhardt for not being upfront about leaks when asked if car was in great condition. Not possible an ASE certified mechanic didn't know and not possible it wasn't already leaking with saturation of skid plate. Original 7/29/19: Excellent experience with Reinhardt Toyota used car department. Thank you Steve! Drove almost two hours hoping car was as stated over phone. Arrived and truck was better than described. Highly recommend these guys and, of course, Toyota.


Oil Change

I had 10:30 am appointment for oil change for my 2012 Prius and I arrived at the dealership about 15 minutes before the appointment time. I was checked in around 10:20 and was waiting in the customer area. There were many people in the customer area and people were keep coming in for service. After waiting about an hour and 40 minutes and asked the rep what happened to my car because people arrived later than me left already and the customer area was almost empty. The rep checked and told me that they were working on my car. The rep came to me and told me that the oil filter housing was broken, and I asked him to replace it. The oil filter housing just screws in and it takes ion a minute to replace, the rep said. My car came out around 12:35 pm. It took more than 2 hours to get an oil change. The rep gave me $15 discount. I paid and realized that there was no inspection check sheet for tire pressure, breaks, and etc. I asked where the sheet was and the rep called an mechanic and the mechanic started to fill the sheet. I asked called the manager but a person from customer relationship came out. While I was complaining about delayed service I noticed that break liner thickness was thicker that last oil change (from the same dealer-Reinhart Toyota) even though I did not replace break since the last oil change. I asked them to check and they found that the thickness was described thinner last time. How did it happen?? The mechanic told me that they measured the break pad thickness without unmounting tires this time because I did not want tire rotation. You know what?? I did not rotate tires at REINHART TOYOTA at my last oil change. Anyways, I just needed good and honest explanation why it took more that 2 hours for oil change and why I was the last one received service, the customer area was empty. The service rep and customer relationship person were saying they didn't know. Of course, they apologized but they did not tried to find the cause and did not give me honest answer. I left the dealer and checked my car. Of course as usual there was oil stain on my armrest and I need to clean. I've been coming to this dealership about 5 and half years for oil changes. at the begging, I had problems oil stains on front door and armrest, and I complained. After the dealership moved to crossed the street with a new building, they got better but still I got oil stains and I've been cleaning. I was still coming to this dealership because this is the only Toyota dealership in Montgomery, AL. No competition!! However, I have to look for other place to receive services for my car.


shopping for Highlander!!

Great follow up by dealer. have not purchased yet still shopping for highlander.


The never ending wait

I was traveling from out of town and was having issues with my Corolla. I had no choice but to stop at the nearest dealership for help. I did not have an appointment and understood that it may take several hours. After 5 HOURS!! and no one had even looked at the car, Kevin (wonderful service rep) assigned my car to a mechanic to help. All I needed was new tires which took another hour and a half. I have never had an appointment at my Toyota dealership in Atlanta and have always been taken care of as a valued paying customer and never been there longer than three to four hours on any service/repair I've had done. After my 7 hour experience at Reinhardt, I believe they need to reevaluate the way they handle their customers with no appointments. I left there feeling neglected, unimportant, and pitied by every mechanic and rep who walked by who knew I'd been there all day. I was grateful that I was able to have it fixed and that I didn't have to spend the night at a motel over tires but no customer should ever have to feel as I felt that day.


Great service

I found everything to be extremely convenient for me. The service is good and the variety is even better.


Horrible Customer Service

Everything from the buying experience of my '15 Camry was nothing but a terrible experience. Staff was very rude and poor customer service. When i finally closed the deal on the purchase of my car, I could not tell you who exactly my salesman was. I had at least 4-6 of them. Most confusing and unorganized car buying process I've ever experienced. I figured I would give Reinheardt a second try when I took my Camry in last week for its first 10,000 mile scheduled toyotacare maintenance. This experience was not pleasant as well. My appointment was at 8:30. I arrived right on time and turned the vehicle over to service team. I saw my vehicle from where I was sitting in the waiting room pulled out when it was finished at 9:00. What I don't understand however, is why my car sat there an additional 30 minutes before someone came and got me. Other people after me were in and out, but for some reason my car sits there 30 extra minutes after it's already done. It's as if they were intentionally making me wait on purpose. I would like an answer Reinheardt??

Dealer response

We apologize for any inconvenience we may have caused you. Customer Service is our highest priority, and we would love the opportunity to win back your good business. Unfortunately, you did not list your name, so we have no way to contact you. If you'd like to give us a number, we'd love to have a manager give you a call so as to investigate your concerns.


Lack of Service

I scheduled an appointment for a tune up for March 10, 2015 apx 5 days in advance. I had a 7:30 AM. appointment and I asked for my truck to be completed no later than noon. Since I did not get a call by 11:30 that day, I decided to go by Reinhardt Toyota and inquire about the status of the repairs. Much to my surprise, they had not started working on my truck at 11:45 A.M.. I explained that the reason that I made an appointment was because I also had work that I needed to use my truck for and that I could not spare another 4 hours. I asked them to release my truck and I left. Needless to say, I am not a happy camper. There is no other Toyota dealer in Montgomery so I have to go to another shop to get my tune up completed.

Dealer response

Sherrill, we want to apologize for our service department disappointing you. We understand that your time is valuable, and would love an opportunity to win back your good business. Customer satisfaction is our highest priority, and we're constantly striving to improve ourself. We will take your feedback into consideration. and invite you to consider us for your next service need.


Superior Car Buying Experience

I had the best experience of my life buying a new Lexus from Reinhardt Lexus. My salesman Mark Harmann was very helpful answering all of my many questions, he helped me get exactly the car I was looking to buy. No high pressure sales. I most definitely would recommend Reinhardt Lexus to my friends and anyone.

Dealer response

Thanks for sharing your experience. You were in great hands with Mark. He works hard and will be thrilled to hear your compliments. I appreciate your recommendation and we hope to work with you again in the future!

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