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As a black single woman I felt as if I was discriminated...

As a black single woman I felt as if I was discriminated against at this dealership. Also, to be called a liar, I couldn’t believe the level of professionalism with the top manager and this establishment was so low. I left this place in tears, people shouldn’t do others this way especially in a professional setting. I will also be sure to aware others of the disrespect, discrimination, and unethical behavior at this establishment.


Easy as it gets

This is the place to go to buy a new vehicle and for service!


Buyer Beware. Yo-Yo Financing.

Beware, this dealership engages in Yo-Yo financing. On 09/02/2019 I traded in my truck at payoff value and purchased a new one at this dealership. We were approved financing at an acceptable rate, signed papers and left with the truck. 11 days later, we were contacted by "Tony", the Finance Manager, telling us the financing had fallen through, and that we either needed to bring the truck back to the dealership or sign a new contract (+5% higher APR than the original contract and +$60/mo higher payment). I asked about terminating the deal and just taking my trade-in back, along with my down payment. Tony replied, "No. We've already paid for the truck." So they have taken my truck and placed me in a position where I have two choices. Return the truck and walk home, or pay close to double the retail value of the truck due to outrageous finance charges. I was appalled. Before returning to the dealership to sign this contract I knew I would regret (what choice did I have, really?) I reached out to both GM and the manager of the dealership. I recounted the facts as they happened to both parties. GM stated they would open a case and relay the complaint to the dealership. I spoke with Brent Skinner over the phone and explained the negative experience we've taken from his dealership and asked if there was anything he could do for us as a customer. Perhaps something to retain a customer and act in good faith that the deal had gone from fair to taking advantage of a consumer? "No", Brent Skinner's words were "As a customer, you don't see our side and what we have already done for you to make this happen" - meaning the new contract with a ridiculously high APR that they had to "pull strings" to make happen. Even an offer of a tank of gas to drive out 30 miles to buy into their deceptive practices would have been a nice band-aid on the wound they've inflicted on our wallets already. Let it be known that I did my part to reach out to all relevant parties to find a solution before resorting to sharing my experience with the public. However, it was made apparent to me that management at this dealership doesn't deal in pragmatic, good faith solutions. "Sorry." is best this business has to offer, from my experience. This dealership will allow you to leave their lot with their vehicle, with a seemingly great deal, under the impression that the financing was approved and finalized, only to reel you back in, pointing fingers at financial institutions and not their own feigned ignorance of what an approval really entails. Twice, the finance manager gloated about having "been in the business for over 20 years", but for us it's become apparent how those years were spent. In conclusion, I would not recommend this business in any capacity to anyone. I can guarantee that my family and friends will stay far away from this place. Y'all had a choice and several opportunities to turn this into a positive experience and make a return customer of us and you failed tremendously. In the end, it may have been completely legal. But legality does not equate morality and in our opinion this is a very immoral business.

Dealer response

Derek, we appreciate your business and the feedback on your buying experience with our dealership. We always strive for everyone to have a great experience. If possible, please reach out so that we can have permission to present all the facts with the public to ensure all parties involved understand what happened so that It doesn't happen to anyone else.



Took my car in for check engine light next day it was on again took it back July 30 it’s now August 21 and I still do not have my car back and my service advisor Maggie could car less. She told me she would keep me updated and that was a bold face lie. After contacting GMC the part was finally located but days later my car is still just sitting at Skinners in Terry Ms.

Dealer response

That is not the kind of experience we seek to provide. Please contact us when you can so we can address this together. Sincerely, The Skinners Chevrolet Buick GMC Team


not a want

we went to get a car and trade the salesman met us did not run our credit which both of us is over 720. he told us to keep the truck because we had a want and not a need. we went to another dealership and got what we wanted. we were treated like poor trash

Dealer response

Jay, we are not pleased to hear of the incident you've described in this review. We want nothing more than to work with you to correct this situation as soon as possible. Please feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience. Sincerely, The Skinners Chevrolet Buick GMC Team


Rating car repair service.

The service was very good and the personal treat me like my business matter.



The process is the worse I have ever experienced in my entire life. What a terrible greeting. The guy could care less. Can’t understand how anyone could be employed with this dealership with such a non helpful attitude. I would never again in two life times come here for service.

Dealer response

Thank you for taking the time to provide us with this feedback, Steven. We appreciate hearing from our customers because it allows us to constantly improve ourselves and the services we offer. However, it appears the impression you were left with following your visit to our dealership is not up to our standards. We would appreciate the opportunity to turn this experience around. Please contact us directly whenever you have a moment so we can discuss your visit together. Sincerely, The Skinners Chevrolet Buick GMC Team


Having our 2014 Malibu serviced

We called the Skinner's Dealership in Terry, Mississippi to have our 2014 Malibu serviced (where we had purchased our vehicle) for a routine check. Hannah answer my call and directly sent me to the Service Department. Jeff, in the shop, is always very friendly and ready to answer any of our questions about our car. We left our car to be serviced and Jeff called us to come pick up our car. We had not trouble checking in or out. Everyone was very willing to assist us.


Be Careful of the "Upfront" Pricing

I have been in the market for a Tahoe. I noticed Skinners had several 2018s left in December 2018. So, I looked at the end of November when the manufacturer was offering 0%. Skinners had a couple of "loaners" with around 4,000 miles. They listed their manufacturer and dealer discounts. I did not buy at the end of November. For December, the manufacturer came out with employee pricing. Skinners reflected this on their site and removed any dealer discount. I asked them if they would honor the dealer discounts they were willing to offer in November, which would have resulted in the car being sold at about invoice. They said they could not, which to me seems a little dishonest. If I understand correctly, they will make thousands more on this vehicle than they would have by relying on the manufacturer incentive when they were willing to provide dealer discounts a month earlier - on a car with 4,000 miles (still treated as new because it was a loaner).

Dealer response

Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback regarding your recent visit. Your concerns are very important to us and we would like to learn more. Please contact us so we can address and remedy your concerns. Sincerely, The Skinners Chevrolet Buick GMC Team

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