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(23 reviews)

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Like the truck not the Dealer

Bought a used truck from them. The salesperson was very nice when I spoke to her on the phone and in person. Everything was ok up until I picked up the truck. It was delivered with the low fuel light on. Normally dealers wash and wax a vehicle this one was not. When I got home I looked under the truck to put nerf bars on it and discovered that the oil filter had not been changed, it still had mud on it and was very dirty. I have had the truck about 2 weeks now and have not had a call from the dealer to see if there is any problems or how happy I was with the service they provided. When I was younger I worked in new car dealerships and the service here was nothing like what I thought it should have been.



Salesman could not tell me the difference between the S, S Plus, and S Premium models. He could not tell me the model of the car he was selling me and had to look up the stock number. I mentioned to the salesman a college graduate rebate that I had noticed on Toyota's website and asked if I would qualify as I graduated from college in May 2012. I was told that to qualify, I would have had to graduate within 6 months. Once I was at home, and did my research, I learned that to qualify, I would have to graduate within two years.


Good car offering, but NO help with financing.

They had a used cars that was a fair deal, but they could or would not help me secure financing.


Not Bad

Found the FJ cruiser online and spoke to a sales rep on phone. Worked out a great price over the phone and put a deposit to hold the vehicle. Had a slight miss communication when I arrived, but the sales manager stepped in and gave some great warranty incentives to keep the sale going. Good dealership to buy from if you don't like to haggle, just tell them your bottom dollar figure and they flat out tell you they will work with you or not. Would def buy from again.


Wanted that sale and made the process comfortable

John O' Neil Johnson Toyota worked with me throughout the sale process and made a nerve-wracking event as pleasant as possible. Many kudos to their internet sales department, particularly Ron Holsonback, for responding immediately to my inquiry for a particular Toyota 4-Runner. Ron searched tirelessly for the particular vehicle I sought and made it happen. Next, the haggling process turned out as well as I could ever have hoped. Mr. Holsonback told me later he could hear a pin drop on my end of the phone line when his GM accepted my counteroffer. I did not expect acceptance that immediate from prior bad auto shopping experiences. Fast forward a few days to picking up the vehicle, the actual experience within the dealership with the signing of the various documentation to driving the vehicle off the lot took approximately one hour and fifteen minutes. Consider that I was financing through my local bank and not the dealership and had to obtain certain signed documentation to facilitate the transaction between the bank and the dealership. I could not have asked for a better car shopping experience. John O' Neil Johnson Toyota, simply put, out hustled my local dealerships and sincerely desired my business. They did not leave a phone number or contact info for me to initiate the buying experience. It was well worth the extra three hours of travel back and forth to Meridian from the Jackson metro area. I highly recommend this dealership to shoppers in the Mississippi and West Alabama areas and beyond and will shop there again in the future for myself now that my wife is satisfied with her purchase.


Bad Deal

Don't trust them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Made the deal and they sold to someone else.


Phone contact

To whom it may concern: I had a conversation to one of your sales person's. He allowed me to tell him of whatI am intrested in. Then informed me that what I was looking for was no loonger be offered. Unlike other Toyota dealerships, of which said they would order me what I wanted and all I had to do is come by and set up the payments. This sales perswon stioll knows what Iam looking for and has me now looking at the Tundra off Road series with the extra cab. I told him that I hated CHROME period. I want what I want and that the way it shouild be. I'll pay what ever it cost but haven't seen one or heard of one that I am looking for. He is still looking and I trust that he will notify me as soon as one becomes available. Respectfully Raymond L. Henderson I haven't purchasaed a vehicle because there is not one that I like available.



After three trips to the dealership we bought the car. Things would have been much better for us if our saleperson would have spoken up for us as he should have. I don't know if he was in hot water with the company or what?



If you see a car online from there website and call ahead to make sure its still there, they will lie and say it is. Thats how they got me. I drove 2 hours just to find out that they didnt have the car i was asked for, even though i called ahead to make sure it was on the lot for sale. They tried to sale me a car that was $2,000 over my budget.Half the cars they have online are not on the lot.



I had a very good experience with this dealership. They were very friendly, experienced & treated me well