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This seller has been on since February 2014.
At Coughlin Cadillac Chevrolet Buick of Marysville we plan to make sure that you are greeted with a warm handshake and a smile as if you just walked into a friend's home. Our goal is to help you find the right new or used car truck suv minivan convertible or coupe for you and your family. With over 2000 vehicles in-stock on-line at Coughlin Automotive of Marysville is ready to help you in your search for the best vehicle at the best price in central and southern Ohio.We hope you'll become a new part of our growing list of happy clients!!
Coughlin has the cars for You!

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(117 reviews)

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Excellent. Dealt with Cruz through texts, even worked out a fair deal for my trade. Made the 2 hr trip from Indiana and bought the car. Nothing but a positive experience.


Services department is horrible half fixed the issues had...

Services department is horrible half fixed the issues had the vehicle over 6 weeks had to take it back week later will not answer the phones or call you back


New truck purchase

Between Neal and Tate, I definitely felt like they wanted my business. Probably the least amount of time spent purchasing a new vehicle. I like that. And of course the Chevy truck I purchased has all the options I wanted.

Dealer response

Thank you for taking the time to leave a review. We appreciate you choosing Coughlin, Duane!


Great dealership

Great experience and easy to work with. The salesperson was very knowledgeable and everyone I worked with was very helpful. I wouldn’t hesitate to go back here again.

Dealer response

Thanks for taking the time to leave a review! We appreciate you choosing Coughlin. :)


Great Dealership

Dennis the GM is awesome. Had everything ready when I got there. Chris Jones was great to deal with. Smooth Buying process. No issues on price. Overall a great experience.

Dealer response

Thank you, Teresa, for taking the time to leave a review!


Service department is horrible. They never answer the...

Service department is horrible. They never answer the phone right away and it takes several call to someone in the service department. You have to call in to get an update on your vehicle. Service manager would rather be outside smoking than running his department. Dennis, the general manager will not return phone calls, probably because he is tired of hearing bad the place is. Service drive is cluttered. who hired the people running these departments?


Outstanding buyer experience my salesman name was Brad...

Outstanding buyer experience my salesman name was Brad and he catered to all of my needs that I wanted in the truck I was buying and put the deal together that worked for me. The entire buying experience was pleasant was handled perfectly without issues. I would highly recommend Coughlin GM of Marysville


I had an inspection done on my Silverado to figure out...

I had an inspection done on my Silverado to figure out why I had no AC. They found that my condenser needed replaced. An inspection was also completed to check out my cooling systems, belts, and fluids. Nothing was noted as an issue, and the air condenser ordered. A few weeks later a condenser was available and mine was replaced on a Monday morning. A 27 point inspection was completed again on my cooling system, belts, and fluid. Again, nothing noted or mentioned as an issue. I picked my truck up Monday afternoon and drove home. The next day I heard a loud humming sound for about a minute on my truck when I shut it off coming home from work. I also heard the same noise on Thursday, and Friday. On Friday I drove it back to the shop to get looked at before they closed. When I was about 2 mins from the dealership I noticed my engine was getting hot ( 250 ). I pulled into the dealership and asked the 2 techs that were available to look into my issue and explained I had just noticed the engine was also getting hot. They popped the hood and said my coolant was empty, and immediately poured 2 jugs of coolant into my hot engine that had just been turned off a couple mins prior, said id be good to go home for the weekend and come back Monday for an inspection. I started the truck and sat running for about 10 mins. In that time most of the coolant they just poured in spilled out. They gave me a loaner car and said it would be fixed on Saturday. Saturday came and went. No one called me to fill me in on the issue, and no one answered any of the times I called for a status. I did receive a call on Monday from the shop manager telling me the issue was my radiator leaking. He said it had corrosion and had been leaking for a long time. I explained that I had zero issues with my truck other than the AC before it went in for the condenser replacement and now it leaks coolant so bad that I can't safely even drive it home. The issues started less than 24 hrs from bringing it home from their shop. I have been told by a few other mechanics that it is easy to damage the radiator when replacing the condenser due to their location. This truck had been through 2 documented inspections at their shop of the cooling system and fluids one of the time atleast by the same tech that replaced my condenser and not once was it mentioned or noted that my radiator was in such bad shape or fluids were low, then magically within 24 hrs of my condenser replacement it was not usable. My truck was in the shop for a week and a half due to wait time for a radiator to come in. The shop installed the new radiator at no charge, but I had to pay for the radiator. I agreed to this as I figured it was the best offer I was going to get. When I picked up my truck on the invoice there was a note from the same tech that did the original work and inspection that said "c/s was just in for condenser replacement and now engine is running hot and vehicle is leaking coolant caused by radiator had been leaking for a while before condenser repair had been done". Internal labor covered for customer satisfaction. The tech had to put that jab in there like im some kind of whiney customer looking for a free handout. The same tech who did at least one of the multiple inspections on my cooling system and worked all around my radiator when installing my condenser and didn't notice any issues or noticed and chose not to say anything was able to tell that this issue had been an ongoing issue before I had my condenser replaced. They know they messed up my radiator during the repair or they wouldn't have given me a loaner car for over 2 weeks at no charge, and they wouldn't have done the radiator install at no cost just because I complained. I will say despite my frustrations with this the manager John was friendly to deal with as well as Mac who was handling the vehicle check in process. The tech that missed the issue on inspections and/or messed up my radiator Joey Jacobs needs checked into.


Bad Experience

Looked at a vehicle saturday we seen a bad spot on it. They sent it out to fix it for us. 9 days later emailed us to come look at it by the time i got off work they were selling. Wasted 80 miles and half a day. Brad says thats the nature of the business. He won't ever get ours. Replied at 4:02 right after work. Never gave us a chance.

Dealer response

Hi Duane. We had reached out to you once we received the vehicle back and did not hear back from you until you were at your credit union at approximately 5 pm. Unfortunately, we cannot hold a vehicle unless we have run the credit on our end. A different party called that afternoon and let us know they were on there way to buy it and we had still not heard back from you. We apologize for any inconvenience.


Came here to programed key fob and diagnosed my car. Nice...

Came here to programed key fob and diagnosed my car. Nice hospitality, service was great and professional. Would be perfect if I could see a simple inspection sheet of car diagnosis.

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