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(114 reviews)

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Stay away!!!!

Service dept is very rude. They tell you something needs fixed but doesn't. You can keep taking your car there and they still don't know what it is that's wrong or they tell you it's something it's not. They charge 135.00 to put your car on the lift to look it over. But when you go to pay that it will really come up to 158.00. They charge for seat covers etc that they use to check your car. When Pam was there it was different but now everyone is really rude. Trisha is rude and takes forever to wait on a customer. Highly don't recommend going there


Excellent sales and service department. Have purchased 5...

Excellent sales and service department. Have purchased 5 vehicles and have always received stellar service in all areas!


I have never dealt with such unproffesionalism. My truck...

I have never dealt with such unproffesionalism. My truck was transfered to Slimans by another dealer. Slimans had it for 2 and a half weeks. Nothing was done, or repaired. I called and was given the same story, we're checking wires, Yada Yada. I went to retrieve paperwork from my truck, only to find it sitting in the parking lot. My wife had previously purchased a jeep at this dealership and I thought them to be trustworthy. If you can't give me your word, you don't deserve my business. I will never shop here again.


Bought 2019 minivan, no owners manual, was told to go...

Bought 2019 minivan, no owners manual, was told to go online. Wife got flat 2 months later, no spare, jack, nothing. We paid extra for CPO. Never again! Got hosed would think for the extra $, they woulda actually DID inspection. Also donated to food bank to get 4 free oil changes, nope was told it was only 3!,... xxx! What kinda dealer does this????


Don’t ever do service or body work here

We spent 80k on a truck here Had minor damage and made mistake of taking back here Never again Was garbage work and when not happy was called an xxxxxxx Don’t go here


Do not use this dealer for any service or for body shop...

Do not use this dealer for any service or for body shop work We were not happy and were called xxxxxxxx For being not happy We could not get keys until we paid Would never go there again


MUST READ.If you’re reading this, you too have likely...

MUST READ. If you’re reading this, you too have likely scoured countless dealerships online trying to find a great deal or the perfect car. After ample due diligence and search parameters of 250 miles in an effort to breakdown various pricing tactics and hidden fees, I found a $42,000 used Ram that met nearly every prerequisite I had. I provided a dozen pictures of my vehicle, mileage, and my VIN for a ballpark trade in value to spare a 5 hour drive. The numbers all looked good and I had two pending offers with other dealers to weigh my options. They accepted my offer via email, replied with a written proposal and current mileage on their vehicle, (which was ~20% higher than advertised on their site and 3rd part listing), and I reviewed the final figures over the weekend once the other offers arrived. I noticed the truck was no longer on my favorites Sunday, and emailed the finance person and text the salesperson hoping for a reply in the morning. A second attempt midday Monday returned a text stating it sold after 70+ days on their lot once I have an accepted offer. It happens, right? The vehicle however was back in my favorites and online, so by Wednesday, I assumed the other deal fell through. I called the dealership from the same cell number and name on file in their CRM, and Gene answered eager to check on the vehicles availability. In an effort to fill the silence he told me he was logging in to the program to check, looked momentarily, then put me on a short hold to say the truck had sold “a few days ago”. His demeanor and tone seemed off. Sure enough, the truck was still on their site, the same site that provides the free carfax showing the vehicle being listed for sale again the day prior (odd for a car already sold 3 days ago). You know when things don’t add up, to the point where you think you’ve gone crazy? I was there. To cross check my hunch having now been fully vested, my wife requested information via the third party search engine. Two hours later, Nick sends her an email stating that not only is it still available, but the 2019 Ram Laramie is an excellent choice. Very reassuring! I immediately forwarded that email to the finance girl along with the carfax image of the date showing for sale, and the signed proposal. No reply. Maybe the owner, Paul Slimans, cares? Forwarded a copy of the email thread and a synopsis hoping it was merely oversight and miscommunication to allow an opportunity for resolve or redemption. Will he assist to honor the deal and SAVE FACE? NO reply. SILENCE. Sent a follow-up to the owner and hinted towards the repercussions of a NEGATIVE online review to boot. ZERO response. Friday, while writing reviews for each notable dealership I dealt with (some were very pleasant experiences), Slimans mysteriously is NOT LISTED deeming it unable to be reviewed on the 3rd party site as it cycles through the “rate this dealer” field. I wrote to those gurus to determine WHY Slimans is the ONLY dealer I CANNOT review and am awaiting a reply. I attempted to circumvent it by visiting their profile directly on said search engine, click on reviews, and it defaults me to the OTHER dealership I bought from this morning, along with the other 8+/- that I’d contacted in the last two weeks. In a NUTSHELL, there are RAMifications for the lack of integrity and ethics ;). A potential net loss on the direct cost of a vehicle is a single event. The indirect expense of providing a terrible customer experience collectively leaves a virtual scar. If a referral is the best compliment one can receive, a negative review is the unfortunate balancing act to contrast. So if you’d like to pursue business with a company who seems to condone a culture of ingrained deceit and blatant lies whilst knowing the power of various online tools to disprove them, by all means, be my guest and you can have my spot in line. When presented with a problem, they not only failed to acknowledge their actions and or take any accountability, but apparently went even further to attempt to silence my voice on the third party review. Stay classy San Diego. Employees Worked With Gene, Alicia, Paul, no named texter , Nick **INSERT PUBLIC REACTIVE CUSTOMER RELATIONS FEEDBACK BELOW


Just bought a new Jeep Cherokee from this dealership....

Just bought a new Jeep Cherokee from this dealership. The experience took me back to how customer service used to be in the old days. We were treated like VIP's. Still can't get over it. Gave us an excellent price, great Trade In price, but mostly how easy they made the experience. Everyone we dealt with went out of their way. Started out with Alicia, online sales. She gave me the exact estimate right up front and it didn't change when we came. Was a pleasure to deal with. Did what she said. When we got there were greeted by Kris and the GM Chris. Ted in Finance was so pleasant also, not pushy in any way. Kris actually came over sat with us, programmed our phone with the Jeep App and walked my husband around and showed him the service area and let us know we could come anytime for free car wash and coffee. We were given 3 years of FREE oil changes and tire rotations on the jeep we bought. ( NICE PERK) we had no idea that was part of our deal. It took me back to going places with my grandparents when I was little and everyone killed them with friendly service. The manager even called me at work Monday to say he called my Insurance and got the new car added and old car we traded in removed. We bought on Saturday late so I couldn't call right away. I was blown away he did that. GREAT PLACE TO BUY A CAR. I bought my last 2 cars at Chrysler North Olmsted. We went in there 2 days before we went to Sliman's. The salesperson told me on the phone he could beat another price I found. Told him what I wanted. Got there, he had a whole different car ready for me, with upgrades I was never shown the car I wanted, never changed his price on the car he promised me he could do a better price on. Went back & forth to the manager 3 times. Nothing changed except telling us to wait while he went back & forth. Wouldn't let me take the estimate home with me. Said it couldn't leave the building. Then kept messaging me for days about how honest his dealership is and the others aren't and they lie. His price is 100 % honest. Again, repeat customer last 2 cars bought there. Manager was 1 room away never stepped foot by us to say hello, wouldn't bend on his price. Wouldn't even let us take the price written down with us. What were we going to do, sell it? Told him as far as honesty goes you told me on the phone you can beat the price and didn't. Lost me on the honesty remark. Will return to Sliman's from now on. Still blown away by the way we were treated. Will recommend to everyone I know.


Awesome dealership! Awesome people! Keep up the great...

Awesome dealership! Awesome people! Keep up the great work! Joe Shrader was awesome to work with. Will recommend him to everyone we know. The Grand Cherokee is an awesome vehicle!


Kris Koepp - Top Shelf Attention !

Our sales associate was Kris Koepp. He really did a stand-up job. I drove right pass another Jeep dealership to buy from him. Old time customer service. Take time to drive over to Sliman's. They actually respect your time and not just " sell you".

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