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This seller has been on since April 2017.
Sullivan Buick GMC is your Ocala GM Dealership
Thank you for visiting Sullivan Buick GMC in Ocala Florida where you'll find the latest GMC trucks and Buick sedans that you want to drive. If you've been looking for a great deal on a GMC or Buick in Florida then you've found the right place Sullivan Buick GMC. Located on Southwest College Road we're easy to find from Exit 350 on Interstate 75 in Ocala. If you need specific driving instructions or are coming to see us from Tampa please view our hours and directions page to obtain specific driving instructions to our GM dealership near Tampa.
We are devoted to making your car buying experience a reliable and positive one.

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(58 reviews)

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All started last week Tuesday , 9AM appointment in

All started last week Tuesday , 9AM appointment in service. Got there and was told we’re sorry we have nobody to look at your vehicle today . Ok let’s reschedule. Rescheduled for the following week . Took it in and they parked it . ( alarm keeps going off so I was told to pull the horn fuse so it wouldn’t upset my neighbors) called the same day in the evening to see how the progress was coming . Was told Oh we have not got to it but we’re waiting for the alarm to go off before we look at it . ( now remember I pulled the fuse like I was told to ) I ask him while how do you know when that happens since I pulled the fuse . He stated , oh we can see it from here . LMAO . It’s back in the corner not even in I sight from them and there watching for it . Hahahahah come on am not a fool . So then I was told we’re waiting till morning to put a tester on it . Well next day came around waited all day then I called again . Nope nobody to look at it . So another words you didn’t have anyone to do it in the first place . I went and picked it up and all I got was sorry . Not hey looks like next yr we will get it in . Lol. Got home and called them back to speak to the gm . Oh we don’t have a gm at this time . So bottom line make sure when you make an appointment you monitor your vehicle at getting fixed . Poor service. - 100 percent

Dealer response

Thank you for sharing this review regarding your experience with us. We’d like to discuss this with you further if you could please contact us at your earliest convenience. Sincerely, The Sullivan Buick GMC Team


I was a repeat customer of this dealership I bought a new

I was a repeat customer of this dealership I bought a new GMC truck from them in 2017 I later traded that truck back to in 2019 for another new GMC they call me this week asking if I wanted to trade my 2019 in on another new truck they told me to look what they got online and come in on Saturday I found a couple of new trucks on the site for around 80k when I got down there they tried to sell me a couple of used truck for 93k and 94k so I asked about the new for 80k on there website they said that truck is over a 100k so I asked how come it says 84k on the website the salesman told me GMC control's the price on website but the dealership wants 15k to 20k over the msrp. False advertising at best I would be buying another vehicle from again I'll drive to another GMC dealership with integrity

Dealer response

Thank you for alerting us to this issue. Our top priority is delivering 100% customer satisfaction and it’s concerning to hear you feel your experience does not reflect that. We would really appreciate the chance to speak with you regarding this matter. Please contact us at your earliest convenience. We look forward to speaking with you and regaining your trust in our business. Sincerely, The Sullivan Buick GMC Team

Consumer response

My email Try and change my opinion of how your dealership was doing work


Battery change - pricing really high ($450)

Wait for the service rep was fairly short. Rep was corteous and assured me I will be taken care of. I presented the issue (battery not working) and was asked to sign the paperwork allowing to work on my vehicle. Was not given the estimate of how much the battery replacement would cost me. I decided to wait for the work to be finished, and was given estimated time 1 to 2 hours, which I was comfortable with. I was approached within this time frame by the same rep who politely let me know the car is being tested for any additional issues, but will be completed soon. Then there was a long wait, much longer than I expected. At some point, I looked out the window, and noticed my vehicle standing there in a row together with other cars. It looked it was done and just waiting there. No one let me know the work was completed and I can pay and go. I went back to the service area and stated my vehicle must have been ready and received affirmative response. The total came to around $450, a little stiff for a battery change (bettery itself was around $225, labor was high at about $160, the rest was the shop fees and taxes). Paid and went to the vehicle. The inside of the vehicle was left a mess. The floormats were placed on the rear seats (the battery location is in the floor well behind the passenger seat), and not placed back on the floor; there was a lost pencil in the well of the battery, that I had to remove after I noticed it, the front seats settings were off, and the protective paper floormats were crumbled at the fron passenger and driver flooring. It did not look good, it looked messy, especially for the price I paid for the service. Interestingly, I had a coupon for a free installation and not to remote Gainesville Buick GMC, hence I knew I will be charged around $160 for installation itself, I would definitely go to Gainesville to do it. Would pay for the gas for the drive, but save on the stiff installation price. But again, was never told how much the battery replacement would cost me. Overall, despite service rep was really nice and polite, the experience was poor and way below expected satisfaction level.

Dealer response

We are not pleased to hear of the incident you've described in this review. We want nothing more than to work with you to correct this situation as soon as possible. Please feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience. Sincerely, The Sullivan Buick GMC Team


I purchased a Gmc Terrain from Sean who was great.

I purchased a Gmc Terrain from Sean who was great. The gentleman in Finance was great. Where it went horrible wrong was when I discovered I was never told the bun warmers didn't work due to it didn't have a chip and was told by service manager Mark, I had signed paperwork stating I got a discount, I hadn't, I was transferred to the sales Manager, Mike, and as I was explaining what was going on I said I don't know who is paying for the chip but I know I sure as xxxx ain't and Mike began screaming at me to watch my mouth. I was floored because I have heard these sales guys in this very place say worse. He wouldnt even listen and continued to be condescending. I got off the phone and drove in. He was rude and extremely condescending to me again without even listening. Sadly I do not believe Mike is good management material because he is young and doesnt have enough experience in this roll.I hadn't even said what I came to say and he screamed at me to get out of his office. Even when I lowered my voice to barely above a whisper he screamed for me to get out of his So I went to the Cadillac dealership. Talked to a really nice gentleman and he called Mike up and asked him to come to his office. Once again Mike started in his condescending tone telling me what I was going to do. The gentleman walked back into the building as I proceeded to tell the Mike how not to speak to a woman. The other gentleman came back out after Mike left and said what Mike said was wrong. I know for a fact he walked back in to his office and called me a Karen. NO Mike, I am a woman who refuses to take your pour behavior. Then for Mike and Mark to use this against a young man who worked in the shop to suspend him, when it had nothing to do with him but Mike's poor behavior and the fact that this young man Mike should not be in the current position he is in because he clearly cannot handle it. You do not treat a customer in this mannor

Dealer response

Thank you for sharing this review regarding your experience with us. We'd like to discuss this with you further if you could please contact us at your earliest convenience. Sincerely, The Sullivan Buick GMC Team

Consumer response

And who am I suppose to talk to? According to Mike, he doesnt report to anyone and refused to give me any hire up numbers. So please let me know who I am to be contacting and not just say the sullivan team cause that could be any one


New car sale

Drove away with our new car that day...Our salesman was super.. The manager was also helpful. Sullivan Buick was extremely on their J.O.B...

Dealer response

Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback regarding your experience at Sullivan Buick GMC [Ocala, FL] and congratulations on your new vehicle! Buying a new car is a huge step and we’re honored that we got to be a part of it. Please feel free to reach out if you need anything! Sincerely, The Sullivan Buick GMC Team


Great car buying experience

I purchased a used 2020 Chevrolet Blazer. The Sales Rep (Stetson Clark) did a great job. He was knowledgeable, attentive, and did his best to help us purchase the Blazer. Everyone at this dealership has been helpful. I recommend Stetson as well as Sullivan Dealership.

Dealer response

Thank you so much for this excellent feedback and your very kind recommendation of our dealership. I am happy to hear that our team worked hard enough to make your purchase completely painless. We hope to work with you in the future! Sincerely, The Sullivan Buick GMC Team


Good morning Mr. Myers, About five weeks ago I...

Good morning Mr. Myers, About five weeks ago I purchased a 2022 Buick Encore GX from your dealership. My sales person was Sean, who presented a few vehicles to me. The sales experience went flawless as Sean was great. I signed a contract that your dealership offered (about a 1.78% loan),and took the vehicle home. The vehicle is beautiful. Seven days later I received a call that I needed to return to the dealership to sign more paperwork. I came in the following day to find Landon Turner presenting me with a new contract with a higher percentage rate than originally agreed to (1.9%). I told him to reduce the price of the vehicle in the increased amount I would pay in interest over the term of the loan. He replied “NO”, that’s was not a possibility. I reluctantly signed the new contract and left the dealer. I am in possession of both contracts. I know that the increase was only $5.00 a month higher but it was principle. On 10/26/21 I received a letter from your dealership stating if I was not completely satisfied to contact Conny Adkins. I called Ms Adkins, and was told by your operator there was no one there by that name. When I explained I was holding a letter signed by her she transferred me to Ginny who said she was the office manager. Ginny said that Conny Adkins retired the previous Friday. I explained the situation to her and she took my name and phone number down and said she will get back with me. I have heard nothing. I ask you, is this a good way of conducting business? James G I wouldn't purchase a quart of oil from them . I've heard nothing.

Dealer response

Thank you for reaching out to us, your experience is taken seriously by our entire team. We know our customers’ time is valuable and we understand your point of view. If you are open to giving us another chance to make this right, please contact us so we can discuss details of your time with us. Sincerely, The Sullivan Buick GMC Team

Consumer response

I've reached out 3 times in the past four weeks to Sullivan. To this day I have heard NOTHING from the dealer even though they told me that I would hear from them.


Rude Sales Manager Mike Garter

Mike Garter (Sales Manager) is horribly rude person. He tried to "insult" us by saying we should go to Kia or Hyundai because we weren't willing to take his deal. Then he stomped off like a man-child throwing an tantrum. There were numerous red flags during our dealing. 1 - Payments were coming back 2-3 hundred dollars more than expected. Kept questioning why it was so high with rates being really low. Told them credit wasn't an issue that it was good but kept basing the payments on 9%. Asked them to base it more around 3% but refused. 2 - told him several times we wanted to buy not lease but kept coming back with lease options. 3 - Final straw was when he randomly priced the SUV $6k more the what was listed. Was told that the SUV was not priced correctly and that it was more. Said they would not honor the price listed on the SUV. Said he would work with us on the price since it was mis-marked. Came back again with numbers (again with a lease). Asked what the price of the SUV was and told us it didn't matter with lease. Asked what the price would be if it was a buy, and that's when he got all mad, was rude and walked off. Well, just to let you know that Palm Chevy appreciated the business. Got a comparable SUV same price ($40K) with a 2.84% rate. I feel bad for our sales guy, who was nice, if that is the type of leadership that he has to work with. Someone who felt intimidated by a group of women asking for actual numbers to deal with and not falling for his sales guy persona.

Dealer response

We appreciate you taking time to let us know about your experience. It appears that the nature of your experience does not reflect our dedication to customer satisfaction. Your concerns are very important to us and we would like to learn more. Please contact us so we can address and remedy your concerns. Sincerely, The Sullivan Buick GMC Team


Unbelievable,…went to the service dept., 3 gentlemen all...

Unbelievable,…went to the service dept., 3 gentlemen all sat at their computers, never even looked up or acknowledged me, and were talking about their medical problems…I finally interrupted them, they said “ be with you in a minute” ( I was only one there). I was there for a minor tweak and to possibly trade my Denali p/u for a new one…but couldn’t believe the callous indifferent collective attitude there. It was my very first time there and will never go back .Beware…!!! Dave T. Ocala

Dealer response

Thank you for taking the time to share your recent experience at Sullivan Buick GMC. We want each customer to be completely satisfied upon visiting us, and the impression you received from our dealership is not okay. We would sincerely appreciate the opportunity to amend the situation, so please contact us Thank you. Sincerely, The Sullivan Buick GMC Team


I had to have my car towed to Sullivan Buick GMC to have...

I had to have my car towed to Sullivan Buick GMC to have serviced on a Saturday afternoon. I had the pleasure to deal with JC Gilbert in the Service Dept and he was so helpful and attentive to my situation. He had a quick diagnosis done and contacted me at home a short while later. Turns out my car just needed a battery and things were taken care of quickly and I was back in my car in no time. JC Gilbert made the whole process very satisfying and I give a thumbs up and 5 stars to him! Thank you soooo much!

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