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This seller has been on since October 2018.
In July 1965 Tommy Thomas founded our dealership on the principle of doing business one way the right way everyday. Over the last 40 years our family of employees has aspired to uphold that tradition. We are most grateful for the many wonderful customers we've been privileged to serve. We'd like to thank you for your trust in us. Over those years we have been honored to serve this beautiful area and to call it home.

We are fortunate to live in one of the world's most wonderful and generous places. We pledge to continue our commitment to making our home an even better place to live.


(447 reviews)

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awesome service. will come back for sure. sales and service are both very very very friendly. Go to Bill Cramer to get your next one!

Dealer response

Hi Brett, It's our commitment to ensure quality customer care by providing comfortable and relaxing facilities as well as friendly and professional service to our guests. Please come see us for any future needs. We hope to see you soon!


Unethical Sales Practices

Well.... I am going to attempt to keep this civil and professional as my blood is boiling right now. Earlier this week my wife and I purchases TWO not one but TWO vehicles from Bill Cramer. Throughout the process and when we left we were very happy with our purchases. Throughout this week I have referred a few friends and family members in the market for a vehicle to Bill Cramer because of the experience we had. During the negotiation process I requested that the Auto Butler service be removed as it is a product I would not use or care to have. This request was denied on the premise that do to it being on the window sticker it must be purchased with the vehicle. I rebuttal with the salesperson and stated that didn't seem right, to which he replied that it is something the dealership is doing to still be able to offer discounts but still keep profits up. I, again, stated that I didn't really need the product but if there was nothing that could be done to remove the service than fine. The $595 the service cost was at no point going to make or break the deal. Again, we are very happy with our cars. And because it may come up in a reply to the negative review, no we never felt pressured into buying anything. However, upon learning that I am not required to purchase everything on a window sticker and the dealer-addons can in fact be removed I feel as though I was lied to the product was sold to me based on a lie rather than being honest about what it is, why its on there, and why they generally will not remove it from the purchase price. Simply put, it has nothing to do with the product, the cost of the product, the cost of car. I never once felt pressured into buying anything only annoyed that I "had" to pay for a service (Auto Butler) that I did not really want, but never pressured. Now. Well now. I've been lied to, and the great experience I had has turned into one in which I will likely never do business at Bill Cramer again. Nor will I recommend going to Bill Cramer to anyone, and yet at the same time discourage those who mention going there from going. I have attempted to resolve this issue prior to posting. People make mistakes. People are human and deserve forgiveness. However, my 30 to 45 minutes worth of phone calls today were met with "Well there's nothing we can really do. I am sorry you feel that way. You could have walked away from the deal, you didn't have to buy anything, etc." Additionally, I would add that my request to make things right wasn't unreasonable. I didn't ask for anything free. I didn't ask for them to discount the cars even further, because honestly they did work with us and we did get a great deal. My only request was that they refund us the cost of the Auto Butler on both vehicles, and pay us the interest having the additional amount of the service in an financing contracts be reimbursed as well. Instead.... "There's nothing we can do...."

Dealer response

Hi Daniel, thank you for bringing this matter to our attention. We regret that you had a negative experience, and will use this as an opportunity to improve. We'd like the opportunity to turn your experience around. Please reach out to us at (850) 640-6651 at your earliest convenience to discuss how we can turn this experience into a positive one.


Hurricane damaged verticals

I have been in contact with bill cramer multiple times over the last year with no resolve. I was sold a car and told it had no hurricane damage Over the next year and through out my whole pregnancy I became very sick almost losing my child. All of the signs of a flood damaged car was there but I was told the car was not in the hurricane. They told me this because it was sold by a Panama City beach resident and not Panama City so they felt they did not need to disclose this information to me. As I suspected and what always happens with cars damaged in that manner my alternator has gone out. Upon running into the person who previously owned the car I was informed that the person did evacuate for the hurricane from the beach TO PANAMA CITY!! So the car did go through the hurricane. I have spent thousand to get it fixed still owe ten grand and it has made me and all of my children extremely sick but still bill Cramer refuses to do anything about it. Very unprofessional! And it does not matter if I get the alternator fixed I will just have the same profile me it’s the reason I bought a new car because my Avalon went through the hurricane and had all of the same problems. I will be contacting an attorney at this point since bill Cramer refuses to do anything about it.

Dealer response

Hello, Amber, Thank you for your review and letting us know about your experience, if you are willing, I would like to speak with you about your vehicle. Please call me at 850.785.5221 or let me know the best time/contact number to reach out to you, and I will be glad to do so. Respectfully, Brian Blakeslee Service Director Bill Cramer Cadillac


Terrible service department

I just wanted everyone to hear how disgusted I am with the service I received from the Bill Cramer service department today. I bought my 2019 Bolt from this dealership and I’ve been very happy with it thus far. I recently received a letter from GM informing me of a recall on my vehicle. The letter said that, on average, the service would take an hour to complete. I made an appointment for the 29th of May at 9:30 AM. I should add that I live about an hour away. When I arrived this morning I was told that “it was gonna be a while.” I asked how long “a while” was, but the man I spoke to could not even give me a rough idea. I showed him the letter from GM saying that the service should take approximately 1 hour. He graciously explained to me that the 1 hour meant that whenever they got the car to the mechanic, that’s when the hour began. How stupid of me to think that since I had an appointment and that I had driven an hour to show up 15 minutes early, that my car would be serviced at tat time. The Bill Cramer dealership has lost my future business and I will tell everyone who cares to listen of my experience with their service department.

Dealer response

Hi Mr. Hafey, Thank you for your review and letting us know about your recent experience. I apologize the wait time you were given was longer than you anticipated. We do our best to keep our check in times as close as possible to the time when the technician receives the vehicle. Unfortunately depending on the flow of the shop, sometimes there is a delay in that happening. Having an appointment/check in time is valuable as we honor those before walk ins. It sounds like there was an extended delay in starting your repair, and am very sorry about that. When you are ready to reschedule your repair, please let us know. We will do our best to accommodate you. Thank you again, and I hope to hear from you soon! Please take care! Respectfully, Amelia Deen BDC Service Manager Bill Cramer GM


Great sales experience

I had a great sales experience at Bill Cramer. Salesman Brett Pederson did a superb job assisting me with the purchase of a Cadillac CT6. He was very informative and courteous throughout the process. We were able to handle the transaction via online and telephone. I would highly recommend Brett for your next vehicle purchase.

Dealer response

Hi, we're glad to hear you found our staff was so knowledgeable and helpful! We are always more than happy to assist you if anything else comes up. Take care! Best, Mike Warner General Manager


Terrible Service

Had both front hubs and brake pads replaced. Approximately 1 week later herd terrible grinding noise when turning. Had it towed to a local repair shop referred by a co worker. They found that not 1 bolt in the left hub was tightened, they were sticking out so far that they were rubbing on the axle. This is neglectful work that is a serious safety issue! Unacceptable! I will never let them touch my car again.

Dealer response

We acknowledge your review and are currently looking into the events you've detailed.

Dealer response

We acknowledge your review and are currently looking into the events you’ve detailed. If there are additional concerns you would like to discuss, please call Brian Blakeslee, our service director, at 850.785.5221.


Worst place EVER

This is the WORST place ever to buy a car from. I traveled 6 hours after making an appointment to buy a 2020 Cadillac XT4 to arrive and find out my salesman was off that day. I also encountered the manager to learn he had been off and didn't know I was coming in.... Then learned that the car I just drove down to purchase was not there... In fact that the OWNERS WIFE HAD THE CAR IN JACKSONVILLE, FL at an appointment of her own. No wonder their NEW cars have 3000 miles on them. Hint hint buy your wife her own car so others can enjoy the fun of buying a new car that's actually new. This car was expose to be by own graduation to myself after completing my Masters degree and graduate in 30 days. Totally disappointed in the dealership and the sales team... YOU SUCK IN CUSTOMER SATISFACTION.

Dealer response

We appreciate you taking the time to share your experience with our dealership. I would like to speak with you about the details of your time with us. Please contact us directly at your earliest convenience. Thank you! Best, Mike Warner, General Manager


Sales and service

Fast friendly service and attention to customer satifaction

Dealer response

Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to share your experience with everyone. We believe in attentive and professional customer service and we're glad that our team made such a great impression on you. Best, Brian Blakeslee


I purchase a new GMC truck from Bill Cramer

I purchase a new GMC truck from Bill Cramer in November 2019. I had negotiated an out the door price to include Tax,Tag,and Title. When I went to register the vehicle at the DMV there was still $939 tax that had not been paid by Bill Cramer as per our agreement. After contacting them they refused to honor their agreement. I tried to talk to the General manager and he would not return my call (A true Professional) not. So a friendly warning. BUYER BEWARE NOT THE MOST HONEST PEOPLE !!

Dealer response

Mr. Lilley, Thank you for your comments about your recent experience. With regard to your issue about the additional money owed on your vehicle, Alabama is reciprocal with Florida regarding tax collection for vehicle purchases. This means, we are only able to collect the amount of tax permissible by the State of Alabama which is provided to us by the Department of Revenue (Document 12A-1.097). Our agreement was based on the understanding that the out the door price we provided would include the vehicle price, fees and taxes we were legally able to collect in the State of Florida, not including Alabama. We take special steps to ensure our customers have as smooth an experience as possible. Before having customers sign the out of state tax form provided by the DOR, our business managers explain the out of state tax collection, and afterward, our title clerks call each of these customers to guide them through the process of registering and titling their vehicle in their home state. We sincerely apologize if this was not understood while you were here. Aside from this issue, we truly hope you enjoy your new vehicle. Respectfully, Bill Cramer GM


Great experience!

Great experience! The environment at Bill Cramer Chevrolet is genuine and refreshing. They really do create an amazing buying experience! Ben was knowledgeable and friendly!

Dealer response

Cindy, thank you for writing this amazing review for our team! We always appreciate customer feedback, and we are pleased to hear that our team provided a comfortable and welcoming visit. We hope to earn the opportunity to work with you again in the future. Please let us know if you have any questions. Best, Mike Warner, General Manager

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