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This seller has been on since January 2018.
Not every Nissan dealership is the same. Our goal is to sell and lease more Nissans in Jacksonville than any other Nissan dealer. So how is that done?

We will sell and lease our new Nissans for less than our competition. Our overhead is low and we do not have a huge advertising budget. Therefore we can pass the savings on to our valued customers. That business plan combined with great customer service in both the sales dept. and collision/service depts. has proven to be a winner. See why your neighbors friends and co-workers travel to Cassat Ave.
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(62 reviews)

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Fast talker

This is my third auto from this dealership first time under this name. I traded in my 2016 sentra had equity in it so took care of my down payment for this deal, also was pre qualified for loan. Found an auto and sat down to make a deal. He came back with offer told me price and payment was not told that it was not with company I was pre qualified. Then went into finance with Victor. He was a fast talker and added things like he was doing me a favor. Then instead of handing me paperwork was handed a drive even though I told him I have nothing at home to open it. After several calls and given run around for days because I wanted to see the paperwork with the amount I paid, the amount was not what was on the window sticker or what was on paperwork with salesman. A sales manager told me to come in to get copy of paperwork and explain it to me. I got there and was back with Victor. He once again was fast talking around questions I asked. Told me the window price wasn't right even though every other dealership I checked with said that is the price of the car. He then only printed me the one page of contract with what I paid. This really saddens me because this was my auto dealer for service and purchases. I am currently coming out of chemo treatments and know this is my fault for not really looking over paperwork and putting my trust in a dealership who was always great prior. I do not recommend this place for purchasing an auto anymore.



Mike, AKA, Turbo, was able to help us find our ride, Thanks, we will be back, we recommend asking for him when you are car shopping,

Dealer response

L, thank you for your kind review; we are happy to pass along your comments to the team here at Greenway Nissan Jacksonville!



Do not buy a car from them their prejudice scammers they sold me a body of a car basically because the engine is bad and they new it camshaft and lifters were ! Customers service very bad and I can not get a tag for my vehicle ! Then they changed my contact added 10,000 on my balance so not even attempt to go to this dealership they sale piece of xxxx cars and don’t care if the customer satisfied ! A complete room full of liars I hate I ever meant any of them jason Hendrix is a scammer don’t talk to him


Hertz Brunswick

John Herrington was eager to earn my fleet business, however after the vehicles arrived damaged he won't return calls or text now. He insisted he would make the deal right but its been 14 days and no reply after calling multiple times a day. The general manager (George) didn't bother to help make the deal right either. I've dealt with many dealerships and this one tops the worst experience I've ever had in 59 years of business.


The General manager

Purchase a car In December, 2021 Altima had air conditioning problem have them to checked it promise to be ready in a day , end up keeping the car 5 days spoke to the GM after 2 days promise to replace my car I get there it was a different story. They had to check my credit again and try to give me a car that is different with high payment and GM claim he forgot to go over the full details . and they still have my car . The sale rep Roy was great but everyone else was full of lies because I’m a woman , well wrong woman they messed with 😡😡

Dealer response

Vivian Robertsonmays, it's upsetting to hear that you did not receive the top-notch service we strive to provide. If you are willing to give us another chance, please reach out to us at (904) 270-9951 to speak to our manager directly.



We bought a brand new 2016 Nissan Sentra from this place 5 years ago, we went back up there today to upgrade to something new. We have been constantly contacted by this dealership wanting us to trade in our current Nissan for something new and needless to say yeah that didn't happen...So many promises to only be told that they can't help us unless we trade my car and put over $2,000 down on top of that...We were treated horribly and left without being able to upgrade.....They acted like they didn't even want to deal with us and there was never any offer given or mentioned to try and see what they could work out.....This is place is literally a JOKE and we will never go back....We do not recommend this place at all!!!!

Dealer response

Kayla Knickerbocker, we strive for 100% satisfaction, and we regret to find out that this was not the case. If you are willing to give us another chance, please reach out to us at (904) 270-9951 to speak to our manager directly.


Waste of Time

My husband and I drove from Georgia to Jacksonville, FL, to see three cars at Greenway Nissan of Jacksonville. (We were most interested in a pre-owned Nissan Murano.) My husband chatted extensively with someone online at the dealership named Priscilla, and he told her what cars we wanted to see and when we would arrive. She directly confirmed that all three vehicles would be available for us to see. Upon arrival, Priscilla, who apparently only deals with internet inquires, quickly passed us on to a salesperson. He had no idea what we wanted to see or where to find it. We walked around the dealership's large lot with him while he haphazardly looked for the cars we wanted to see. We eventually found two of the vehicles ourselves, but not the Murano. The salesperson hemmed and hawed and wandered the lot for a while more (with us in tow again) before saying he couldn't find it. We waited while he checked the garage, but he came out and said it wasn't there, and he didn't know its location. By this point, we were frustrated at the wasted time (a little over an hour to drive down and then wandering around the lot), and we left. The salesperson tried to get us to go inside the building to meet the manager, but we elected not to waste any more time at this dealership. They didn't seem to care at all about our appointment or our needs. We will look for a car elsewhere.

Dealer response

Hi Heather, we can assure you that we do not find this type of behavior acceptable, and we would like to address the situation you have described. Thank you for leaving feedback. Please reach out to us at (904) 270-9951 so we may identify ways to improve your experience.


Advertised price does not match actual price

Drove over to see a vehicle that was advertised on multiple sites at an exact price only to find out that the price online was NOT the price they would honor. Sales and rebates stated in their fine print is removed and they state no reason and we are not talking about the "student" or "veteran" discounts. Very dishonest and you can tell by the vibe as soon as you walk in. I would suggest to go elsewhere.

Dealer response

Nissanfan, we're disappointed to hear of the negative experience you had at our location. Our manager would really like to speak with you more regarding this matter. Please reach out to us at (904) 270-9951. We look forward to hearing from you.


Biggest clowns of the used car dealership world

Man I should have looked through all these reviews more carefully before coming to this dump you call a dealership because there is a lot of negative reviews about this place and I first hand experienced it and I honestly have NO idea how there is any positive reviews and 5 star ratings for this place, unless they are just kiss ups and family members. Me writing this review probably won’t solve or do anything and just pretty much wasting my time but HOPEFULLY this will help others out for the FIRST TIME buyers To start it off, Me, first time buyer. I was just looking for a good decent daily driver, I found a 2012 Hyundai Accent with really low mileage. Only 23,000. “Supposedly” looked at it drove it down and back and it was fine. So I bought it. 3 months later the engine took a complete crap. Me thinking that I just bought the xxxx thing they would cover it, NOPE. So after getting it towed back when “I” had to pay for the tow bill which they should have but they said no, I got there and they tried to get me in a newer car... Um what? I’m here to see what you scam artist will do to the car I just bought and now I’m out of all this money on the car? So had to leave they called me and they said it was so in so much. After arguing with them over the phone, they could only take off $500... WHOOP DE DOO... so now I still owe on the car and now I have another bill I need to pay which THEY should have paid after selling me a junk car and it taking a crap on me. It’s unbelievable how many people out here will do this to people. I honestly feel bad for the next person who wants to buy a car from a trash place you call a dealership. It’s pathetic. Hopefully they will see this and rethink their options. From the SERVICE advisors all the way UP to the MANAGEMENT. All the way from Glenn and to Joshua. They are all crooked, they DO NOT care about you or the products they sell, they ONLY care about one thing, and that is the DOLLAR SIGNS baby! That’s what it’s all about right? LOL. How in the world do these people sleep at night. Look up the names on their website and that’s who I’m talking about. One guy isn’t in their but you can walk into the service counter and he sits all the way to the right of the room, you can’t miss him Literally lol To top it all off, picked the car up today. Of course we had to throw our extra 2 more cents in to tell them how big of a scam and xxx they are, all they could say was “YOU BOUGH THE CAR ALREADY SORRY” while he walked away laughing in our faces.... so that’s how you do business. Wow. Note this is the guy who is the advisor I’m guessing and sits all the way in the right corner. Stay far away from this place unless you enjoy getting screwed!

Dealer response

Tanner, it's upsetting to hear that you did not receive the top-notch service we strive to provide. When you have an opportunity, please reach out to us at (904) 270-9951 so we can try to restore your confidence in our business. Thank you again for taking the time to reach out to us, and we hope to hear from you soon.


Didn't get what was promised

Overall the interaction with this company sucks. From the sales person to the manager; who was loud and belligerent, and tried to talk over you.

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