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Horrible. After being told that my daughter was approved and the price of the car, she gets there and they’ve marked the car up $5k. $5,000! They then want to proceed to tell you “see, this is how it works….” like no one has ever bought a car before. When requesting a copy of the dealer invoice (most reputable car dealers will give it to you), the finance manager refused. When pushed on it, he said “if I give it to you, we’re not doing business with you.” Then I spoke with the GM. While I agree that this is not required, it would at least give a starting point at negotiating in addition to where the added $5k was derived from the price listed on their website. I would venture to guess that the random 5 star reviews on here are fake and are a way to manipulate their overall ratings. Many of these “reviews” have never left any other review and have no description. Do not fall for it. Take your business literally anywhere else. Do not be swayed by the GM’s seemingly charismatic replies on here either. They are a fake as their customer service. His patronizing attitude and justification of his employees behavior is the mark of an incredibly poor manager in any venue and does nothing but to perpetuate the image of slimy car dealerships. I’m half expecting the GM (Leland Fuller), to come on here and try to twist the facts and offer some condescending response to make it appear that they are reputable, respectful of your time and reasonable. They are not. Take your business literally anywhere else. Perhaps the GM should use his time more effectively to rethink their business approach and training their employees rather than orchestrating responses that are only intended to manipulate your view of this dealership.



I wish I could give negative stars. If you are looking to buy a vehicle, PLEASE do your research first. Not only did they treat my family and I poorly but they tried to increase the price AND completely wasted over 6 hours of our time. After talking to other dealerships and friends in the area, apparently they have a very poor reputation and this is regularly how customers are treated. If you would like to purchase a Nissan, go to a different dealership. Their team is a joke and they do not care about you. This is the first review I have ever written because it was such a horrible experience and if this helps someone else then it was worth taking the time to write. Good luck!

Dealer response

Hello, Customer satisfaction is a top priority for us and I would like the opportunity to speak with you in regard to your visit with Nissan of Lumberton and the customer service you received. Would you please reach out to me at a time that is best for you to discuss your feedback in greater detail? Thank you, Leland Fuller General Manager (844) 807-6420


This is probably the worst experience I ever had with a

This is probably the worst experience I ever had with a dealership. Me and my fiance found a brand new vehicle we was looking at that we was going to buy outright. The msrp on the certain vehicle was 36,000 and when we talked with the sales representative they came back and said that their lowest price they would take is 45,500. When we did the auto apr payment certicate online it showed the vehicles price at 36,300 and then I asked how are you guys trying to charge almost 10,000 dollars over the msrp value. They said if you read in the fine print in the disclosure it says the price could change accordingly to the market value. If that would be the case than that would be the msrp price. I told them that is fine good luck on selling a vehicle you are marking up 10,000 dollars of the price of the vehicle. So they got upset because we did not want to purchase anymore after a 4 hr round trip to them. They false advertise their prices and a total complete waste of your time I highly recommend not going to this dealership as the final words that cam out of the store managers mouth was that's fine we will sell our vehicles regardless yall don't have the money to buy a vehicle anyways. Wow dude are you serious I was coming to purchase the vehicle cash. This is suppose to be a professional business and I didn't think that was too professional. He said his name was James Taylor but it sounded like a fake name so I don't really know how true that was. Turn around and found the same vehicle just a couple different features that did not really change anything in South Carolina for the 35,000 dollar msrp as the vehicle should of been valued at and purchased with no problems what so ever. So like I said good luck selling your vehicles as you said they will said regardless and continue on cheating people out of their money. This is not a meat market this is suppose to be a dealership. Thanks Nissan of Lumberton for leaving such a great experience at the world's greatest number 1 selling car dealer. Never in my life would I recommend my worse enemy. Thanks


My wife and I broke down in Lumberton on the way home...

My wife and I broke down in Lumberton on the way home from a wedding. We were not in a Nissan, but happened to be driving by this dealership so pulled in and left the car in the parking lot overnight. The people at Nissan Lumberton could not have been more incredible. They fixed our car for a reasonable price, and then when we arrived realized there was something else that needed to be fixed before it could be driven. Since this meant we have to drive back to Wilmington, and then back to Lumberton again the next day, they covered our dinner to make up for this! Everyone we spoke to was so incredible and helpful. It is always great when a bad situation can turn into a good one, and Nissan of Lumberton did that!


Took our car in for warranty work and this place is hands...

Took our car in for warranty work and this place is hands down one of the worst dealerships ive had contact with, from run around after run around this Nissan of Lumberton is Horrible place to get repair work done. Would recommend a shade tree mechanic over this place


I am very pleased not once but twice this dealership took...

I am very pleased not once but twice this dealership took care of me. First I bought a 2019 Frontier then I bought a 2021 Frontier. Chuck sales & Tony finance were awesome took care of me no high pressure or stress. They looked out for me with the warranty & gap coverage super important to me. Both I got the vehicle I wanted. Thank you Nissan your team is by far the best out of all dealership from here to Fayetteville you rank #1 in my book


We have purchased 10 or more vehicles here. One of...

We have purchased 10 or more vehicles here. One of the-main reasons was their pleasant attitudes their friendliness and great service. That was the old crew when Damien L. and Chris S. were there. Thats all gone now with Dwayne A. and this new crew. Thank goodness James S. is still there he’s the only reason I still go there.


My service handler was very courteous. My vehicle was...

My service handler was very courteous. My vehicle was done in adequate timing. The waiting area was very comfortable and the bathroom was clean (very important).


My husband took my car in for service this morning, and...

My husband took my car in for service this morning, and he was very unhappy with the service. According to him after they finished serving the car someone dragged thier feet across the floor lip on the driver side. So he was very upset. So can you please call me at 910- 691-1202. Thank you in advance, Debbie Willis


My car came back for a second time. My service advisor...

My car came back for a second time. My service advisor made sure I was comfortable while I waited for my car to be fixed. He was very polite and curious.

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