Long Lewis Volkswagen Mitsubishi

(5 reviews)


(5 reviews)

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Best dealership in this town

They have really finest car, even old car looks like brand new, everything is fair,all the information is accurate, the process is really easy and simple, and they are really fast in every process, they provide really flexible financing options. I would recommend this to everyone.


Dishonest business practice

Bought tires and was given written price which included installation. I left my car as the tires would be in by 2 PM and installed by 5PM the same day, all is great, but then was called that quote didn't include installation. Installation would cost $65. Tires didn't arrive that day, had to leave overnight and when we picked up the car the next day, they added an $89 wheel alignment that I didn't request or approve. Usually wheel alignments have a technical report proving data on how much out of spec wheels are and then final data with wheels within spec, that report wasn't provided. They did refund the alignment, but still not happy that I was given a written quote that was not honored.


Poor Service for Recall

I have a 2015 Outlander and made an appointment 2 weeks in advance to address 3 recalls on my vehicle not service or an oil change but THREE recalls. The day before my appointment, I received an email stating I would need to leave my car for the repairs. Since I had not made arrangements for that (I live 50 miles away) I was extremely upset. I called and was told to come in at 8 am and they would work me in. Need I say again, I had an appointment. I've always thought if I or anyone makes an appointment, it's just that.....an appointment. I will not go back.


Poor Customer Service!!!!

Took my New Outlander in because of the transmission not shifting out (yes I know it has a CVT) 5 months later still getting the run-around!


Not very friendly safety recall

I took my car for a safety recall. First thing I noticed is that there were no one there to great you or point you in the right direction. employees past by myself and no one ask me if I needed help. after going to the parts department and asking for help I was pointed to the same way I came in. Finally I talk to the service specialist. I told him i was there for a safety recall. his attitude changed. i felt like i was there to ask him for money. that is the impression i got. I asked how long it might take. he said about 3 hours and that they would only test and inspect my recall portion of my vehicle. i said that is the only reason I was there for. we ended up making appointment for next day. Next day, same thing. very friendly greeting at first by a different worker in the service department. untill i told him why i was there. i was pointted to thr same grumpy guy again. he told to drop my keys with him. I asked if it was all they needed from me. he said nothing and only gave me a thumbs up without making a single noise.