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(58 reviews)

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KIa of greer

Good job explaining features and good knowledge of products


Great service

Go to JoJo, he's amazing, he helped me with leasing a car and then buying a car. He will tell you if you're doing the right thing!


Great Experience

Even though I didn't deal with everyone at Kia of Greer, they all seemed very professional. The Sorento is a great driving vehicle, especially on long trips. I appreciated my salesman "George" help in finding the vehicle I wanted and at a fair price. I would definitely do business with them again.


Abigail buying new car from Ed

Everyone was super friendly. Made the process easy.


Salesman was great, process took way too long

Our salesman Fritz was fantastic , very thorough and helpful. When we finally decided to do a lease purchase rather than a straight sale. It took several hours (yes hours!) to get to the finance manager to sign the paperwork. The computers kept going down and there was not enough staff to handle all of the sales that day. When the paperwork was ready, the amount was not the same as was quoted so the finance manager had to re do it all and the computer froze again. We like the car, liked our salesman but the dealership needs more staff to accommodate the business they do. We were really close to walking out because of the wait.


Great service

Awesome! Great service, no pushing. This is our 7th kia from the c same dealership. Need i say more?



I've had the same car for 13 years, time for a change wouldn't you say! Have been planning to get a newer car for awhile. Had started to look around, was going to wait until June to actually try and buy one, wanted credit cards paid off.One of my credit cards offered Auto loans so I checked to see if I could get pre-approved and I was. I jumped the gun, went to Kia of Greer and fell in Love. My sales agent was the most awsome,courteous,kindest young man I have met! After explaining to him what I wanted and what I would and would not do, this handsome young man made me the happiest woman May 6th. I would encourage anyone who is looking to buy a vehicle to visit Kia of Greer and talk to David Boone he will bend over backwards and jump through hoops to make you the happiest person you can be...I don't believe you will find a better deal anywhere else!! I know you are probably thinking right now that all dealerships are supposed to be that way but, you would be WRONG. This whole place is filled with people that are sincere in the way that they treat you!!!! I am especially fond of DAVID BOONE. Please do yourself a favor and visit KIA OF GREER and ask for DAVID BOONE you won't be disappointed....


BUYERS BEWARE!! Avoid contact with this dealer.

Writer has two occasions of complaint and these trades cost me a personal loss of $15000: 1.Year 2012: "Nothing wrong as vehicle meets all specs" was maintenance's response to my 2008 KIA Sorento's sudden city mileage change from 17 mpg to 13 mpg". This sudden change in fuel consumption can indicate the possibility of a future major failure. KIA indicated no attempt would be made to research or correct the problem. 2. Year 2012-2013: Preceding events prompted my premature sale of the 2008 Sorento and foolishly purchasing a new 2012 Sorento. KIA of Greer maintenance response to complaints of vehicle?s unsafe tendency to hesitate and excessively high city fuel consumption was ?vehicle break-in required more than the 750 logged mileage?. Subsequent response to same complaints after 3000+ logged mileage was KIA?s familiar "nothing wrong as vehicle meets all specs". KIA again indicated no attempt to research or correct the problem. The events immediately preceding prompted my trade of this unsafe Sorento for a competitor's vehicle.



I had my girlfriend bring my 2015 Sorrento down to have the second oil change, we live one hour and 40 minutes away but since I was busy I decided to let Kia complete the oil change again. My Sorrento is the 2nd car that I have purchased from Kia of Greer. While being walked out to the car she said one of the mechanics walked by her with a pack of wheel locks and told the guy walking her out that she may need these. She didn't think much of that at first but as she drove away she was trying to figure out why the wheel locks were needed to change the oil. She stopped at the gas station several miles away and noticed money missing from the console. She had hid some mail above the passenger side sun visor so that it wouldn't be visible and it had been gone through and was falling out. While pumping gas she said she decided to look at the wheel locks, we had a brand new set that had never been opened in the back, when she opened up the back the wheel locks that were there had been opened and were damaged. She immediately called the dealership and ask for the manager, she was told he wasn't in yet so she left her name and phone number. After a couple of hours she called back to see why her call had not been returned and the young lady told her that the manager was there and that the information had been given to him to call her. The employee put her on hold to find out why, the manager told the employee to tell my girlfriend that he was busy in the back with keys and he would have to call her back in a few minutes. This was 2:00 pm on Monday October 13th and it is now 8:30 am on Wednesday October the 15th. NO PHONE CALL FROM THE MANAGER!!!! This is unacceptable and the message left with the employee to the manager was that my girlfriend was just there for service and needed to discuss the situation. We have recommended Kia of Greer to many people but will from this point on discourage anyone from purchasing from them.

Dealer response

Hi Craig freom NC Sorry that you were not satisfied with service and we want to make you happy. It is very important to Kia of Greer that we resolve unsatisfied customers. I have tried to call you but please call me, Kamil, Service Manager at 864-879-3800.


The Best Experience

I traded in a 2013 Kia Optima financed at Kia in Anderson. I was not happy with the car nor was I happy that I financed a used 2013 for about the same price as a 2014!! So glad I called Kia of Greer and they were more than happy to help me out of the mess I got myself into....thanks JB. JB is the salesperson at Kia of Greer who was very apologetic with my experience I had at Kia of Anderson. JB was very professional, knowledgeable and wasn't just trying to make a sale. He listened to what it was I wanted and needed in the new car. JB made sure I got what I wanted and he made sure before I signed anything that I was getting the car that I so desperately wanted and was going to love (for more than 6wks). JB did an awesome job. I got the car I wanted and it was everything I asked for too. Kia of Greer is awesome. I just hope that this will be a new beginning to a bright future with Kia of Greer. Thank you JB and thank you Kia of Greer, I love my new 2014 Kia Optima.