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(630 reviews)

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Worst experience EVER dealing with a car dealership! Came in to look at a new Mustang. The sales rep was nice until we started questioning the price. Then his attitude did a 180 turn and he walked away and got someone else. We spoke to 3 different people who all basically said the same thing he did. They couldn’t figure out why I was questioning the price. Apparently this is the first time they found someone who knew what they were talking about, and they saw they couldn’t scam me. This was NOT a negotiation. They wouldn’t move a single penny off the price of the car or the payment. The finance manager, whom I believe is named Michael Fisher, should absolutely be fired! Absolutely disrespectful and rude! Sarcastically saying he has barely any experience, only “22” years. Telling me that there is no way I have bought a car in the past with the low payments that I did. Basically called me a liar several times. I offered to personally show him my bills and he still didn’t believe me. Mainly because he was trying to rip me off. By the end of it, he stormed off yelling across the dealership about how he owns 6 corvettes and literally called me a “know it all” simply because I was trying to negotiate a price! I wouldn’t recommend ANYONE to buy from this place. Worst people I have ever encountered. Worst customer service I have ever seen. Argumentative, rude, disrespectful, arrogant, I could go on. Won’t EVER go back! Pathetic!


Buying my 2019 Ford Ranger dream truck

Today was the day I took ownership of the new Ford Ranger I ordered approximately 6 weeks ago, and Preston Williams made the whole experience relaxed and pleasant. This is the 3rd vehicle I have purchased from Lance Cunningham and the second time I worked with Preston. He remembers his customers, is easy going, honest and really works to get his customers the best deal. I would recommend Lance Cunningham to anyone in the market for a new or used vehicle. And when you visit their showroom, please ask for Preston, you will be glad you did.


Buying a new truck

I just to thank everyone at Lance Cunningham for the excellent service. Our salesman Ricky Bush outstanding young man. They traded my Mustang for a truck without even seeing it. Since it was in Indiana and I was on vacation. Thanks to Cole Fisher and Chris Burrill for getting me into my new truck. I love it. I wound recommend this dealership for all your Ford needs.


Excellent customer service!

Preston Williams goes above and beyond to put the customer first and makes it his #1 priority to find the right car or truck at the right price to ensure customer satisfaction!


Finance department

Went in to buy a 2006 F-350, I already had financing with my own finance company & needed a deal sheet worked up. After 2 hours Joel & Chuck came to us & suggested they could offer better interest rates with 2 of there lenders after another 2 hours we reached a deal & signed the paperwork. After a week of having the truck got a call saying they needed more paperwork from us or the truck returned the following morning. Now there suggesting for us to go with our original finance company. There is something unethical/illegal going on there. Really bad customer service/experience. Would never return there to purchase anything. Have been dealing with Cole Fisher now, spoke with him & he promised a return call immediately (as of now no return call). Called & left voicemail & still no return call. Just a terrible experience & extremely poor customer service.


Awful service and manager doesn't care one bit

This is the second time taking our 2017 Ford F-150 for repairs and second time it will take at least 2 trips from over an hour away just one way to pick the truck up. (They are the only Ford dealership with a body shop around here) First time we went to pick the truck up the first time there was a lot of broken glass still at the windshield wipers and scratches and pits in the paint and the rubber seal around the windshield was away from the bottom left side. For our troubles of having to go to dealership twice they said they would give us a full tank of gas and 6 free oil changes. NEVER HAPPENED!! Gave them a second chance and sent truck back when needing repairs again hoping for better results. Well, it was just as bad as the first time. We were told to come by 3 p.m. to pick the truck up. Got there at 9 a.m. and they didn't leave the key at the front desk because after they said they would be there, no one from that department was. After being told they would be. They lost OUR key and key fob. Had to have it replaced. Said they were going to have it detailed. The worst job I've ever seen from supposed "professionals". What a joke. The tail pipe hadn't even been wiped off. Wax streaks in multiple places. A deep scratch under one if the door handles that was not there before they got it. Asked for the manager. Could SEE him in his office, ALONE. He still wouldn't come out to discuss the issues with us personally. What a poor excuse of a "manager". I will NEVER take a vehicle to them again. NOT EVER!! I cannot believe that this dealership would allow a manager to treat customers this way! DON'T EVER TAKE YOUR VEHICLE TO THEM IF YOU WANT TO BE PLEASED WITH THE OUTCOME. THEY DO A TERRIBLE JOB. THEY ARE. EXTREMELY UNPROFESSIONAL AND DO NOT CARE ABOUT THEIR CUSTOMERS!


S-L-O-W service department

I stopped by for an unplaned oil change on 17 May 2019 and expected a longer than normal wait time, but 4 hrs later they still couldn't tell me when they'd be done. I will never bring anything here ever again and reccommend the same to everyone reading this. I am filing complaints with FORD also. I don't expect any feedback but please do yourself a favor and don't use this dealership.


Do not recommend

Got a quote for the repair of my truck over the phone for $350.00 had it towed in they called me back and said it would be 580.00 plus tax then they called me back again and said my truck could not be repaired and I would need a new engine which was not true. I also had to pay 110.00 for the miss diagnosis .I took my truck to R.T Clapp and they repaired it for 238.00 so from my experience with the dealership I don't recommend them. Also they won't call you back to discuss the issue with you..


Poor service not honest

So I was told that cost for repair would be $350.00 so I had it towed in .was called back and it went up to 580,00 plus tax .was called again and stated my truck would need a new engine and had to pay $110.00 for nothing. R.T Clapp repaired my truck for $237.00.


Dealership will NOT stand behind customer with Ford

Read this before you buy, is your Ford car or truck the proverbial “Ticking Time Bomb” like mine? I have a 2016 Ford Focus purchased from Lance Cunningham Ford (who has not backed us up with Ford after being a loyal cutomer of their's for the last five years and purchased two cars from them and serviced all of our other cars there) that has just had its third automatic transmission clutch installed in under 50k MILES, the second one was replaced at 24K miles. So far the clutch has a life span of 24K miles before it has to be replaced. To add insult to injury the local customer service manager for Ford a woman named Roberta Webb lied to me a few weeks back saying that Ford was going to provide 3 years of routine maintenance on the car. As long as the car was at the dealership an oil change and tire rotation was due so I told the dealer to take care of it. I go to pick up the car with the new clutch in it and get hit with the bill for the maintenance, so much for Roberta's word. I also have five calls in the last five days into her and she will not return my call, I have found Ford has a history of not getting back to customers unless they feel it is in their best interest. This car has been a lemon and the problems started from day one. Our first problem was with the remote start, the car would not hold the start settings and kept going to the default settings. It took Ford a year to fix it. Another problem we have started back the 1st week of April 2018. We have a radio that will not stay on the source setting that it was on when the car is turned off. If it is on Sirius XM when the car is turned off, when you start it again it defaults to AM or FM. After replacing the radio twice, 6 visits to the dealership that is 40 miles and a loaner they gave us to drive for two weeks Ford is clueless as to how to fix the problem. It has now been 40 WEEKS, going on 10 MONTHS since we encountered this and Ford will not even talk to me, they keep blowing me off saying they can't engineer a fix. The sad part is Ford caused the problem with a Sync firmware update. I blame myself for not diving deeper into the reliability problems of the Focus. If I had I would have found that there was a class action lawsuit against Ford for bad clutches on 2011 through 2016 Ford Fiesta and 2012 through 2016 Ford Focus equipped with Ford's Dual Clutch or "PowerShift" Transmission. Ford knew about the problem early on in 2011 and continued to sell the cars for 5 years. I had a real eye-opener when I Googled “Class action lawsuits against Ford Motor Company” some are the worst in automobile history, you should try it. The sad part is Ford will hide behind state lemon laws and will only fix cars mandated by law. In other words, if I lived in NY or CA Ford would have replaced the car. But being I live in TN and our lemon law is not as strong as other states Ford could care less they sold me a car they KNEW had a bad clutch and now have effetely told me “too bad” you are SOL. The joke has been Ford stands for Fix Or Repair Daily, Sad part is they cannot fix or repair what they have engineered and sold. It looks like the joke is on the poor slobs that trusted Ford to sell them a trustworthy vehicle